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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy informs you about what we collect and what you use from you, from the time you browse our site we may start collecting data in the form of your cookies and being affiliated with Google. Note: uses Google services as the main platform for their blog, because this blog was built with the blogspot platform, this site can automatically recognize you through your Google account. This is used and aims for visitors who enter this blog to comment using their personal account.

When you leave a comment on the site, you can comment with a google account or with a blogger profile. We leave all privacy records to the owner of the blogspot platform, namely, the blog does not handle cookies in your browser as well as your account. is just an ordinary blogger user, don't go visit and read the content on our website, which means you are subject to and comply with the privacy policies issued by each website, including Google services.

The privacy services on this website govern how they use the data it collects and what data it collects when you visit a web page. Here we tell you that I am a visitor to this blog that when you visit our website, it is likely that you will be faced with a third view website that we use and we invite to work with.

For example, we use online advertising services from Google Adsense sites, and we believe that advertising sites from these sites will collect your data from the browsing history of website cookies, as well as other activities in order to make the effectiveness of the ads that appear on our site based on your own interests.

Everything related to the browsing history of website cookies and your account is beyond our control. We are just ordinary users who use the service to publish content online. This privacy policy also informs you that our content on this site is not suitable for minors.

So that all forms of liability for losses that arise due to misuse of the content on our website are your rights and responsibilities. We are simply posting an article related to the experience as long as the record exists. Your privacy is very important, therefore we remind you not to enter your whatsapp number or personal information in the comment box that we provide.

Also make sure you have read the third party privacy services we work with on this site and attached below, we work with:


We hope you are on our website and we hope that all the information we share is useful for you all, don't forget to always maintain your privacy on our site.

Thank you for reading our policy and privacy at, please continue your reading or continue browsing to navigate from one page to another see you next time. This note is written so that you understand all the information we manage on this website.

Updated July 19, 2022.