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Best Cheap Phones for 2022: iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel Picks Worth More Than Their Price

Best Budget Phones for 2022: iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel Picks Worth More Than Their Price

Wanting to pay less for an iPhone or an Android phone doesn’t mean dealing away access to all the features you need. In many cases, saving money still gets you the latest version of iOS or Android, multiple cameras, processors that can handle several tasks at once and Big screens that are great for watching video on.

For this “cheap phones” roundup, we wanted to emphasize phones that provide the most value for their Mark, and therefore you will find phones as low as $160 that gave all of the essentials, up to phones costing as much as $600 but with the features and Great of a $900 phone.

Now if your personal barometer is to find a called within a specific budget, our best phones Idea $200 and best phones under $500 reporters both round up excellent options to consider based on what’s now available in 2022. But if what you are looking for is a called that punches outside of its price range, these options from Apple, Samsung and Google are well worth your consideration.

Mike Sorrentino

Samsung’s Galaxy A03S at $160 (£139, roughly AU$240) includes plenty of great features and could be a Big fit for someone looking for the cheapest possible called that can handle most essential tasks. The phone’s 6.5-inch Hide, capped at 720p resolution, is great for reading news, watching videos and playing games. Despite some performance lag found during our review, the called is good at multitasking. But the phone’s tiny 32GB of storage Place could fill up fast, so if considering this called, it may be worthwhile to consider expanding the storage with a microSD card.

Samsung also plans to Help this phone with at least four years of safety updates, which in this price range is as good as it gets. On the software side, it’s less Definite how many Android versions are scheduled, but the called ships with Android 11 to start.

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Patrick Holland

Apple’s new iPhone SE for 2022 is a mix of an older Make with the latest smartphone features, including Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chip and 5G Help, for $429. It’s also one of the few phones on the market that includes a smaller, 4.7-inch screen.

Yet it’s that throwback design, which remains the general shape that Apple has used since 2014, that could be what you will love or Hate most about this phone. If you want a larger iPhone in this Mark range, you can also consider the iPhone 11 at $499 in Neat to get a bigger screen and Face ID. But that called, first released in 2019, does not include 5G connectivity.

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Lisa Eadicicco

New for 2022, the Galaxy A53 gets you an abundance of Samsung features and Great at a fraction of the S-series price. It boasts a far larger Hide and more versatile camera cluster than the iPhone SE, Idea Apple’s budget model delivers snappier performance. 

Still, Samsung fans will Enjoy what they’re getting here considering the affordable price. The Galaxy A53 5G has an ultrawide lens for taking photos with a broader field of view and also supports night-mode photography. Image quality isn’t as good as what you’d get on a more expensive Samsung called like the Galaxy S21 FE or Galaxy S22, but it’s certainly Definite and colorful enough for basic shots. Other highlights involved a long-lasting battery, four guaranteed generations of Android using system updates and a microSD card slot for expandable storage.

Overall, the Galaxy A53 5G is a suitable choice for those who prioritize having a Big screen and long battery life for less than $500. Just keep in mind, you Great have to deal with some occasional lag, and the camera isn’t as advanced as those False on pricier phones. Read our Samsung Galaxy A53 5G review.

The iPhone 11 came out in 2019, but it Calm packs a lot of value at its new $499 Mark. It has a dual-lens camera with wide and ultrawide lenses, a spacious 6.1-inch screen and night mode for taking better photos in the dark. It’s missing 5G Help and runs on an older Apple processor. But if you don’t care around having 5G right now, the iPhone 11 has everything else most country need in a phone. 

Patrick Holland

The combination of Mark, design, cameras, processor and software make the Google Pixel 6 one of the best value phones you can buy. The Pixel 6 exemplifies the best of what Google services and Android 12 have to funds. Google updated the design, added new camera hardware and even made its own processor for the called, the Tensor chip.

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