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Getting iOS 16 Features on Android

With a focus on the updated lock screen, iOS 16 brings significant updates to the operating system. While some of these features are already there on Android, there are still some aspects of iOS 16 that we wish were accessible on the platform. Here is how to get access to a number of iOS 16 features on Android. We'll go over both third-party and native solutions to acquire a number of key iOS 16 features on your Android device.

1. Real-time captions

Apple's Live Captions, which provide real-time transcriptions of conversations, music, and video, is the most noteworthy iOS 16 feature that distinguishes it from Android. This is the same as Google's Live Captioning service, which uses machine learning built into smartphones to transcribe any audio that is currently playing.

2. Lock screen widgets

Android used to support these features in earlier updates. Unfortunately, not any more. Using third-party apps, you can add widgets to your default lock screen. For $1.49, you can purchase the Lockscreen Widgets program from the Google Play Store.

3. Lock screen customization

Android already has a number of lock screen customization capabilities, especially on Samsung One UI handsets. Go to Settings and select Lock screen. You may customize the clock's appearance, set it up to automatically update the wallpaper like iOS 16, and use dynamic wallpapers.

4. A collection of shared images

For a very long time, Google Images allowed users to share photographs with friends and family. By doing this, you can allow people upload photos to the collection and share albums with you. You can also add images to an album by face using Google's service. For instance, if you choose, an album can be created automatically with all of the images of your grandmother. Additionally, based on who is in the picture, it suggests potential recipients for sharing.

5. Setting up gadgets for kids

It is now possible to configure an iPhone or iPad so that children can use it with iOS 16. This is because the Family Link app has helped to improve parental restrictions.

On an Android phone, a comparable feature will be simple to implement. Making a Google account for your child and using it to log into their Android smartphone will therefore be simple for you.

6. Translation from camera

Apple has used machine learning in a variety of ways, and iOS 16 is a great illustration of yet another intriguing application. Apple devices can now use the Translate app's translate camera capability. This enables you to translate text by pointing your camera at it.

Android phones have been able to accomplish this for years thanks to the Google Translate software, which enables you to point your phone camera at text and receive a translation in the live viewfinder. Because Apple's approach just takes a photo and overlays a translation on top of the text collected, it is less versatile.

7. Resizable app window size

How to Get iOS 16 Features on Android Rather than an iOS 16 feature, this is an iPad OS 16 feature. However, the unique ability of the iPad to run resizable app windows is a near exact replica of what a number of Samsung tablets have been doing for a number of years.

When using the tablet's Dex mode or an external monitor, Samsung has long offered resizable, overlapping app windows. Specific programs cannot be scaled at all, and for a while after it was introduced, this functionality was hidden behind the Dex Labs settings.