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Google Pixel Phones Now Support Android 13

Google's newest operating system, Android 13, went live on Monday and is now available for Pixel phones and gadgets. The update won't be available to owners of Android devices from Samsung, Asus, Motorola, and other manufacturers until later this year.

The Pixel product range consists of Google-only smartphones, wearables, and tablets. Prior to a wider release to other manufacturers, the firm frequently initially provides upgrades to its own Pixel handsets.

In February, Android 13 was unveiled, and in May, it was previewed at Google I/O. Improved messaging with RCS support, spatial audio with supported headphones, features for privacy and security, and increased compatibility across Chromebooks, watches, and other Google-operated devices are also included. Android 13 releases every year, giving users new features and more motivation to upgrade their phones, much way upgrades to Apple's iOS do.

Android 13 features a bigger prominence of Google's Material You color science. Pixel owners have access to additional color palette options. These color schemes are created automatically using the phone's selected wallpaper. Additionally, more app icons will be able to match a selected color scheme.

To make things appear smoother, various tiny design adjustments have been made to the animations that play when navigating menus.