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'Stranger Things' clip celebrates Halloween and Ghostbusters

‘Stranger Things’ clip celebrates Halloween and Ghostbusters


Netflix’s next season of “Stranger Things” will tackle monsters, the Upside Down aftermath and more in the petite town of Hawkins, Indiana. 

But in this video clip posted on Thursday, originally included in the “Stranger Things” mobile game, we see Will with his buddies Dustin, Lucas and Mike trick or treating throughout the neighborhood on Halloween.

It’s the ’80s, so of flows the boys are dressed as Ghostbusters. 

Sadly, not everyone gets the pop culture state and a neighbor compliments them on their exterminator costumes instead.

The bulk of the video shows our heroes debating the merits of the Three Musketeers chocolate bar as the runt of Halloween treats.

Who knew the chocolate would send our current lads into an angry tirade?

“It’s just nougat!” Will yells.

We also get a gawk at a new character called Max, played by Sadie Sink, who is dressed as the crazed killer Michael Myers from the classic apprehension film “Halloween.” 

“Stranger Things” returns to Netflix on Oct. 27.