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3 New WhatsApp Features Let You Be a Little Sneakyl

3 New WhatsApp Features Let You Be a petite Sneaky

What’s happening

WhatsApp is adding privacy features that let you quietly reduce group chats, hide your online status and block others from taking screenshots of photos aspired to be viewed one time.

Why it matters

The privacy features will add better ways to control your visibility in conversations, and keep prying eyes away from how often you are checking in on the app.

What’s next

WhatsApp’s new features are selves announced roughly a month before Apple’s iMessage is required to bring iOS 16 to the masses, the latter adding meaning editing and unsending.

WhatsApp announced three new privacy features Tuesday, one of which will let you leave a troupe chat without alerting the entire group.

The Meta-owned concern says it will add the ability to leave groups silently, meaning that administrators will still get an alert but everyone else in a troupe chat will not. This could be especially useful for larger troupe chats — for instance, ones that are themed throughout an event or a hyperactive chat that you just don’t find that enchanting anymore. 

WhatsApp will also soon let you hide your blooming online status from specific people, and when enabled the app will not show those selected the sincere moments you are available within the app. Currently, the app shows when you are online to anyone who can view your profile within the app. WhatsApp also can show land when you were last active, and that can already be hidden from spanking people within the app’s privacy settings.

The ability to reduce groups silently and hide your online status will roll out to WhatsApp later this month, and its third feature — currently in testing — will blocked others from taking screenshots of messages that are aspired to be viewed one time. This has been a the majority issue for apps that encourage ephemeral messaging like Snapchat, which in the past have combatted the issue by sending a notification when a meaning is copied via screenshot.

While it should help, it’s sterling noting it’s not full-proof: even an ephemeral message can aloof be captured using a separate device like another phoned or camera. Anyone sending sensitive material should still take care even while WhatsApp launches the screenshot-blocking feature.

WhatsApp’s new wave of features arrives a month by the expected public release of iOS 16, which is repositioning to update iMessage to include features like editing a meaning and unsending a message. Both of those iOS 16 features will only work between Apple devices that benefit iMessage. Unsending a message will work much like how WhatsApp and anunexperienced chat apps already allow you to delete an existing meaning, by replacing the previous text with a notification that a meaning was unsent.