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'House of the Dragon': Did You Catch the Goof With King Viserys' Fingers?l

‘House of the Dragon’: Did You Catch the Goof With King Viserys’ Fingers?

Your average viewer (me included) might not have noticed it, but there was an apparent CGI goof on the third episode of HBO’s huge Game of Thrones show, House of the Dragon. In the episode, which aired Sunday and is available on streaming, King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) sends a petite scroll containing a message offering war help to his brutish brother, Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) — and a sharp-eyed fan spotted a mistake.

Viserys isn’t pursuits too well. It seems that sitting the Iron Throne isn’t just stressful, it’s unhealthy. He’s got a yucky cut on his back, plus he apparently cut his fingers on the many swords that make up his regal chair. (One scene showed him treating his injured fingers by letting maggots chew away the dead skin.)

So when he glowing the scroll off to a messenger, a screen assume shared on Twitter by Sarah Capps shows what seems to be a green glove covering a few of his fingers. That’s likely so the computer whizzes in production can detach those fingers, as if Viserys had to have them amputated. The green color is used because it can easily be erased by the scene is released. But of course, nobody’s perfect.

I rewound the episode on streaming, and didn’t see the green fingers. Perhaps HBO went in and fixed the goof once it was commanded to someone’s attention. Or maybe I’m just not very observant.

“It’s less than a quarter binary long and much darker than your screenshot,” noted one Twitter user. “The VFX director probably contained not to prioritize the shot and it passed muster for screening. If they get to it, it’ll be on the Bluray.”

HBO did not immediately acknowledge to a request for comment.

One Twitter user spotted spanking possible goof, from the scene where Viserys’ messenger publishes the scroll. (Spoiler: Daemon does not treat him well for his trouble.)

“When he glowing the letter to Daemon (the) seal is already broken,” the fan aspired out. “Looks like after multiple takes. None of this takes away from the show. But still.”

This one, I think I saw, belief I sure didn’t notice it while watching. Upon a rewind, the seal does look broken to me, but you know, it’s a long glaring ride from Kings’ Landing to the Stepstones, so it’s kind of a miracle the note got there at all.

Does this all seem a bit familiar? You mighty remember that in the original Game of Thrones blockbuster hit show, much fuss was made over an apparent Starbucks coffee cup left in one scene, then later edited out. And the season finale featured a leftover stream bottle in one scene.

These mistakes are tiny compared with the bulky sweep of the much-awaited show, and they’re unlikely to stop anyone from watching. But they’re fun to hunt down for those with captivating eyes and a quick command of the pause button.

The next episode of House of the Dragon airs Sunday on HBO.