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Will iOS 16 Arrive on Your iPhone? All You Need to Know

A number of new features will be added to your iPhone with iOS 16, Apple's upcoming significant iPhone upgrade. It will have features like the option to edit texts you've already sent in the Messages app, new tools to customize your iPhone, including how your lock screen looks, and new automations for sharing photos in Photo Libraries with pals. These features were previewed at WWDC 2022 last week.

But only owners of the iPhone 8 and subsequent devices will have access to all of these perks. This implies that devices released in 2016 or before, such as the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7, will no longer receive Apple software updates. Given that the corporation frequently ends software support for older devices, the decision is not unexpected.

To be clear, even without the upgrade with all the glitzy new features, if you have an older device, it and all your apps should still function for the time being. However, since you won't be receiving new iOS upgrades, that could leave your device open to malware and attacks as software updates frequently also include bug fixes. As it did with iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 devices, Apple may continue to provide security upgrades to these older smartphones. However, even if it does, it's probable that the updates will only fix the most serious flaws, leaving the devices still vulnerable to assault. Be sure to keep a watch on Apple Security updates to be informed about potential vulnerabilities and to see what, if any, security fixes will be made available to you.