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Top 6 Techniques to Boost Telegram Download Speed

A common complaint about Telegram is its slow download speeds. On open forums, users have recently been rather vocal about this problem. There are several things you may do to repair it, even if the cause could be anything from wrong network settings to overworked servers. This article has prepared a number of doable strategies to assist you hasten Telegram downloads. In light of that, let's examine them.

1. Turn Off Background Apps

Top 6 Ways to Increase Telegram Download Speed

You can experience poor performance in Telegram if you have a lot of data-intensive applications and services running in the background. This might occur if you've enabled automatic app updates or if a background-downloading program like Netflix is in use.

In order to test if it helps, it is advised to start by halting these actions and closing background apps on your phone.

2. Turn off Automated Media Obtain

Telegram will start downloading all images, videos, and files as soon as you open a conversation display if you enable the automated media option. This may also cause your Telegram downloads to lag because the bandwidth is divided among the recordsdata.

To avoid this, follow the instructions below to turn off Telegram's automatic media download feature.

  • Launch the Telegram application on your phone. By tapping the three horizontal lines in your upper left, you may choose Settings.
  • Go to the Settings tab in the lower right-hand corner of Telegram on your iPhone.
  • Go to the section under "Information and Storage." The automated media download utilizing cellular data, Wi-Fi, and roaming can then be disabled.

3. Turn off Data Saver

The amount of data an app can consume unrestrictedly when you use a data saver on your phone is constrained. As a result, programs like Telegram might not download data as quickly as they should.

You are strongly encouraged to turn off any data saver on your phone by following the instructions listed below.


Open the app's settings, select Connection, then select Data Usage. On the next screen, turn off Data Saver.


In the app's Settings >> Wi-Fi >> info, deselect Low Data Model by clicking the option next to it.

4. Allow or Disallow VPN Connection

Five different data centers house the worldwide distribution of Telegram servers. As a result, download speeds may vary according on where you are.

In this case, you can connect to the server using VPN to see if the problem is fixed. This tactic seems to have helped some Reddit users hasten the download of Telegram.

You can temporarily turn off your VPN connection and retry if you believe it is the reason your download speed is slow.

5. Google Drive/Dropbox storage makes it simple to save Telegram files

You can store Telegram videos to Google Drive or Dropbox if your computer or mobile device is short on storage. You may expedite the download of Telegram videos, documents, and other items to your G-Drive or Dropbox in this method.

  • Open the Telegram application.
  • In the top right corner, tap the Search field.
  • Now type Get Public Link Bot into the search box.
  • To launch the bot that downloads videos, tap the Start button.
  • Select a file to download from the channel, group, or discussion.
  • Paste the content file into Bot Link after copying it. Next, select G-Drive/Dropbox from the menu.
  • Choose Save to Google Drive/Dropbox from the Open option. Finally, click the Download button after giving the Get Public Link Bot permission to use your Google account.

6. Use an online Telegram Video Downloader to download Telegram videos

Top 6 Ways to Increase Telegram Download Speed

Telegram Video Downloader is your website if you don't want to use the Drive storage or the Google applications. With this tool, you can download as many videos as you like directly from the Telegram app. This approach also makes it simple and easy to download your preferred Telegram content, especially if you're already familiar with tools like

  • Use the Telegram app to get started.
  • To find your preferred video, use the search function.
  • The URL for the video you wish to download should be copied.
  • Go to the page for the Telegram Video Downloader.
  • The download bar should now contain the copied URL.
  • A download choice should be chosen. Just that.