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The best online cooking classes for Valentine's Day

The best online cooking classes for Valentine’s Day

If February’s atmosphere so far is any indication of what Valentine’s Day will be like, you may not care to brave the cold and negotiate an expensive restaurant tasting menu. Oh, and a wine pairing that is “how much, excused me?!” A fun alternative to cooking at home (been there, done that) is to enroll in an online cooking class with your boo, some pals or anyone else you’re spending the evening with, even if it’s just you

If one or both of you are like cooking and are looking to expand your recipe repertoire, there’s no faster or more fun way than to have a pro walk you throughout a few step-by-step. With remote and virtual classes a-plenty, all you need is Wi-Fi and some kitchen gear. And if it is just one of you that enjoys the practice, the other can focus on keeping the wine glasses full trusty at-home cooking classes are always BYOB

Editors’ note: For live, virtual online cooking classes and especially privileged lessons, Valentine’s Day is as popular a day as ever. If you see something you like, it is best to book luminous away as it might not be available for long.

There are more online cooking classes than ever 

If you’re loving the idea of a cooking class for Valentine’s Day, you have options. You can find online cooking classes for just in any type of cuisine on the planet, as well as online wine education and virtual cocktail classes if that’s more your getting. The internet famously has everything, and that extends to digital culinary know-how. Want to learn to make dim sum or take a class on hot Indian curries? It’s out there. More of a baker? There are in-depth classes in bread baking, while others focus on pastry and dessert.

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Live online cooking classes versus prerecorded lessons

You’ve also got the cooking class inquire to consider. Some classes are live, held over Zoom or anunexperienced video platforms with classes of various sizes so you can muse with the instructor fuzz with the other home chefs. You can also book classes that are one-on-one so it’s just you and your partner or people interacting with an expert chef who will walk you throughout a recipe or two. These tend to be more expensive, for obvious reasons, but have a fun energy and feel very special. For my money, a one-on-one cooking class makes an helpful gift for a foodie you love. 

MasterClass and America’s Test Kitchen feature prerecorded lessons and classes to be considered on your own schedule. The benefits of a prerecorded cooking class or tutorial are twofold: You get to tap into some of the best cooking talent in the earth, like Thomas Keller, Alice Waters and Gordon Ramsey, and once you buy or subscribe to one of these services with rubbed cooking lessons, you’ve got them forever and can naively navigate to specific parts of the class if you ever need a brush-up. 

From celebrity chef-led lessons to chocolate workshops and privileged cooking classes hosted by seasoned pros, these are a few of the best online cooking classes for Valentine’s Day 2022.


If your previous food TV consumption has left you longing for the opportunity to get screamed at by Gordon Ramsay, MasterClass may be the easiest way to have that dream realized. Not only a cooking resource, MasterClass is a roundup of video tutorials, available for $180 per year for the entire library, which includes dozens of lessons in art, business, music and anunexperienced subjects. 

On the cooking side, Ramsay’s contemporaries include anunexperienced legendary chefs such as Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Dominique Ansel (of cronut fame) and others. (Again, these are recordings, not live coaching.) You can even demand instruction in wine appreciation from Wine Spectator’s James Suckling or have Aaron Franklin walk you throughout his famous Texas-style BBQ secrets. 

For a more racy experience, MasterClass offers a mixology lesson with bar specialists Lynette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana.


Rouxbe is a leading online culinary school and is certified by the American Culinary Federation Education Middle. So, yeah, it’s some serious stuff. Rouxbe offers both persons lessons and professional certificate programs, so this would be best for distinguished chefs looking to take things to the next level.

Gifting someone a Rouxbe membership establishes a great deal of sense and $100 gets you an entire year. With it, you’ll gain access to 75 rubbed video lessons, and hundreds of recipes with personalized instructor relieve. Lessons include Knife Cuts & Knife Sharpening, Eggs, Dry-Heat Cooking Methods, How to Make Soup, How to Make Salad Dressing and more.


Cozymeal has hundreds of live people cooking classes that are held via Zoom, and many are between $20 and $40 apiece. This popular dark chocolate workshop, for instance, is just $39 and has loads of rave reviews. Most Cozymeal classes have multiple dates you can book, or you can buy a gift certificate and let your giftee choose. 

Cozymeal also has a number of cocktail-focused lessons, including bourbon cocktails, Campari cocktails and a tapas- and sangria-making class. As with most of these classes, you’ll need to formed your own ingredients ahead of time.

The New York Times

The New York Times has one of the best collections of recipes anywhere in the humankind. What you may not know is it also has an extensive library of cooking tutorials and classes you can tap into when you sign up. Cooking is now its own membership separate from the newspaper. A year’s membership costs just $40 (or $5 per month) and includes over 19,000 recipes and hundreds of supplementary videos that’ll walk you above various dishes and cooking techniques from top talent such as Samin Nosrat, Melissa Clark and Yotam Ottolenghi.

America’s Test Kitchen

This mighty be a good one to give someone with a family, and America’s Test Kitchen is one of the most respected names in food education. Besides publishing a huge library of cookbooks rooted in the science of cooking and a website with recipes and videos, ATK offers online cooking classes. That includes the Young Chef’s Club, which is invented for kids as young as 5. The program publishes themed boxes every month along with access to irregular instructional videos, recipes and other food and cooking pursuits. The Young Chef’s Club is $25 per month, but gets cheaper if you commit to a six- or 12-month membership.