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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Photos Better

Digital photography has widened the appeal of the genre. More photos are being taken than ever before, and a record number of them are being shared online with friends and family. It's tempting to point the finger at the camera if your photos don't turn out as well as those you see online (or your smartphone). However, by adhering to a few straightforward guidelines, you can improve the caliber of your photographs without shelling out a fortune for a new camera. The next time you get out to capture the scenery around you on camera, keep these 5 straightforward tips in mind.

1. Learn The Basics of Composition

 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photos

The arrangement of numerous elements in a frame is the composition of a picture's heart. Nine approximately identical-sized squares should make up your frame. Try to align the subject of your shot with these lines and their intersections, and picture the primary image being divided into nine separate portions. This produces a more dramatic, eye-catching photograph than if your subject were positioned directly in the center.

2. Make Use of the Correct Color Temperature

 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photos

The white balance is important. In order to ensure that whites are white and that your photographs accurately depict a natural scene, use the appropriate location for the light you are using.

Every source of light has a unique color temperature. The moon's light is not as hot as the sun's. On the other side, moonlight is cozier than a clear blue sky! You must take into account these variations in color temperature.

Most amateur or novice photographers will select Automatic White Balance (AWB). This might help people take pictures without overanalyzing the situation. However, it won't provide them with the greatest and most accurate color cast.

3. Crop It

 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photos

Sometimes cropping is all a bad picture needs to seem better. To completely transform the appearance of the photograph, get rid of any distracting items from the background or borders.

Alternatives to cropping software are readily accessible.

  • Photoshop is said to be the best option and is probably the most well-known. Do you think it will set you back a lot of money? Wrong. Prices for them begin at $9.99 per month.
  • Pixlr — This free service offers a Photoshop-like toolkit.
  • Another free website that offers the tools you need to correctly crop photos is PicMonkey.
  • Opening Preview on a Mac will allow you to do simple photo adjustments.
  • HubSpot - It even has a built-in photo editor, so I can immediately crop a photo after uploading it for my blog or website. There might be a comparable feature in your CMS.

4. Filter

 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photos

Yes, filters have become clich├ęd and overused, but bear with me. A simple, classy filter could make a dull photo stand out. The Facebook photo editing tools for improving color and changing contrast are great. Select modest filters that don't dramatically raise the contrast if you want to avoid Instagram's obvious, harsh effects.

5. Make Good Use of Your Flash

 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Photos

Many pictures have been damaged by flashes that are too close to the subject. If you want to capture the moment, take a step back and zoom in to get the right framing. Examine flash adjustment if the scene is still too bright or too dark.