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How to Download the iOS 16 Beta Right Away

You can download and install a beta version of iOS 16, which is presently in its third release, as long as you have a compatible iPhone, such as the iPhone 13.

Your iPhone will get a number of new features in iOS 16, including a customisable lock screen, intelligent cropping, and the capacity to edit and unsend text messages.

Only a select few people were permitted to download and install the first iOS 16 developer beta when it was published by Apple in June, shortly after its developer conference. Developer betas aren't advised for everyday usage because they can have flaws and make your phone more challenging to use. They require an Apple Developer Program membership, which costs $100 per year.

Thankfully, iOS 16 Beta 3 is currently out and ought to be a little more stable than the developer version. To receive the iOS 16 beta on your smartphone, all you have to do is sign up for the Apple Beta Software program and install a configuration profile.

For additional information, take a look at all the top new features in iOS 16 as well as a few fun hidden features you might not be aware of.

Back up your iPhone before you begin

It can be exciting to get your hands on beta software, but there are safety measures you should take before updating. You should back up your smartphone in case you choose to change back to iOS 15 because all prerelease software, including iOS 16 beta, may include bugs and other problems that make your device more challenging to operate.

Every time your iPhone is plugged in to power and Wi-Fi during your typical sleeping hours, it should automatically do a backup. If this backup feature is disabled, you may still back up your smartphone by going to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup and then selecting Back Up Now.

Additionally, you may use Finder on your Mac to backup your iPhone. Connect the device to the computer, launch Finder, select the device, and then create a backup. Apple also advises archiving your backup to prevent other backups from overwriting it.

Join Apple's beta software program

Once your device has been backed up, it's time to enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program, which enables anyone to test out upcoming software for free and give input on its usability and overall quality to Apple. Currently, any supported Apple device can test out iOS 16 beta (iPhone 8 and later).

The Apple Beta Software Program can be joined here:

1. On your iPhone, visit the webpage for the Apple Beta Software Program.

2. Click the blue "Sign Up" button at the page's bottom.

3. To sign in to the Apple ID associated with your iPhone, use Face ID or Touch ID.

4. Read the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement, then agree to it.

Scroll down to Enroll Your iOS Device, which should be hyperlinked in the paragraph that appears, on the page that follows, and then click it. You will then be directed to a different page where Apple will explain how to download and install the iOS 16 beta on your iPhone.

Install the configuration profile for iOS 16 beta

You may find the Install Profile section by scrolling down this page. You must now install a configuration profile on your iPhone in order to download and install the iOS 16 beta on your device.

In essence, a configuration profile gives a third party—in this example, Apple—the ability to control your device. You might be worried about whether or not this is a privacy violation, but you can relax knowing that this configuration profile only gives Apple access to your device to deploy and manage the iOS 16 beta.

Click the blue Download profile button, then select Allow from the pop-up menu to install the configuration profile. Next, close your browser, open the Settings app, and select Profile Download from the page's top navigation. A popup displaying the iOS 16 public beta config profile should then appear. Enter your passcode, select Install, and then select Install two more times. To receive the over-the-air iOS 16 beta update, simply hit Restart.

Obtain and set up the iOS 16 beta

Go to Settings > General > Software Update, select Download and Install, and then input your passcode to start the process of updating to iOS 16 beta once your iPhone has restarted.

If the Download and Install option isn't visible for any reason, you might need to wait a little while or free up some memory. Clear your memory by eliminating big files and offloading weighty apps if you don't have enough space to download iOS 16.

A loading indicator and an approximate time estimate for the download process have to be visible. Restart your smartphone after the download is finished, then wait for iOS 16 beta to install. You should notice iOS 16 beta downloaded on your iPhone when it first powers on.