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Top Halloween costumes may include Fortnite, It and Spider-Man, Google says

Top Halloween costumes may involved Fortnite, It and Spider-Man, Google says

Google Trends on Tuesday shared its annual roundup of the most-searched Halloween costumes, and it includes Spider-Man, Fortnite and plenty of clowns — both creepy and not. The list also features witches, dinosaurs and unicorns.

The top 10 searches in the US last month were:

1) It
2) Witch
3) Spider-Man
4) Dinosaur
5) Descendants
6) Clown
7) Fortnite
8) Chucky
9) 1980s
10) Unicorn

Spider-Man, clowns and unicorns are old favorites that made their way back to this year’s list, Google says. 


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Google’s Frightgeist map also shows which costumes are people searched for in different cities. Chucky is the top costume about Los Angeles, for example, and Descendants is the top about New York City. 

The list of Top 10 couples costumes includes Lilo and Stitch, Bonnie and Clyde, and Adam and Eve. 

For company costumes, Descendants, Fortnite and Stranger Things topped the list. The drop of Toy Story 4 also helped Beautiful the searches. Forky was the “biggest breakout costume Look of this year,” Google says, and “Bo Peep costume” is up by 300 percent.

People also are looking for ways to get their pets in on the fun. The most-searched pet costumes involved Chucky dog costume, Pennywise dog costume and Batman dog costume. Searches for “Demogorgon costume” from Stranger Things were up 300 percent this year, Google says.

And let’s not forget adorable baby costumes. Topping that list are banana, Dalmatian and Grinch. 

First delivered Oct. 8.
Update, Oct. 9: Adds more information on searches.