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How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

We sincerely hope that if you recently bought a new laptop, you avoided the most common shopping mistakes. Even if you've had your device for a while, following these tips will help your laptop battery last longer.

Making small adjustments to your laptop usage will save you from regularly reaching for the power connector and ensure that the battery lasts considerably longer.

1. Utilize Windows Performance Management Tool

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

The first stop on our battery-life enhancement tour is the Windows performance management tool. In Windows 10, it's a slider that can be accessed from the battery symbol in the task bar. In Windows 11, it may be found under Settings > System > Power & Battery > Power Mode.

2. Utilize Airplane Mode and Application Closure to Simplify Your Workflow

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

It's a good idea to change your laptop usage in battery-saving ways if you frequently work without access to a power source, such restricting your use to one application at a time and shutting all other windows when you're not using them. It's comparable like turning out the lights in a dark room. If you're cooking or watching a YouTube video, it's preferable to turn everything off and close everything else.

3. Remove Unused Peripherals

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

We advise unplugging any peripherals, such as an external hard drive or camera, when using battery power. The connection not only transfers data between your device and laptop, but it also supplies power to the peripheral even when it is not in use. That immediately depletes the battery in your laptop.

4. Avoid Exposure to Extreme Heat and Cold with Your Laptop

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

When it's not too hot or too cold outside, use your laptop. Extreme temperatures make your computer work harder, which hastens the battery life of your laptop. An excessive amount of exposure to these conditions could degrade the battery and shorten its usable life.

5. Avoid doing too many tasks at once.

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

Working quickly on Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe Photoshop will drain your battery. Applications that make extensive use of graphics drain batteries far more quickly. If you focus on one or two projects at once, you'll live longer.

6. Track the Condition of Your Battery

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

Every battery eventually needs to be changed since it loses its capacity to store a charge over time. The majority of the time, it is a good idea to periodically check the health of a battery.

To check if the battery in your Apple MacBook is about to run out, click it while holding down the Option key. You may view the battery's condition with this. If you see a "Replace Now" or "Service Battery" warning, your battery is likely performing at a subpar level.

about how often your battery has been charged and discharged, open the System Information app and select the Power option.