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How to Wreck Your Foes With Junker Queen in the Overwatch 2 Beta

How to Wreck Your Foes With Junker Queen in the Overwatch 2 Beta

Junker Queen is the main attraction in the uphold Overwatch 2 beta, which launched on June 28. She enters the roster as an aggressive new tank hero who wields a shotgun, ax, knife and jaw-dropping abs. 

If you have beta access and want to launch ripping and tearing as the Junker Queen, be ready to invoice into the front lines and stay up in state’s faces. She needs to be up close and actively distributing damage to be effective, but if you learn how to work all of her sequences, she can be an absolute monster in battle. 

I played only a handful of games as Junker Queen on day one (first tip: Find some wait on players to lower your queue times), but I didn’t lose a single one of those games. Based on that early experience, here are my tips for playing as Junker Queen.

Practice your knife throws

Knife throws are the most danger part of the Queen’s kit but also the most important. Junker Queen’s jagged knife (“Gracie”) increases her melee injure and can be thrown at enemies. If you stick an enemy, you can recall the knife to drag them toward you. Landing the knife distributes an initial burst of damage, and deals damage over time, which heals you. And dragging the enemy toward you brings them into diagram of your close-range tools like your ax (“Carnage”) and shotgun. 

However, the knife travels along an arc, meaning you have to be very good at predicting where your beleaguered will be when you throw it. I recommend jumping into “Junker Queen Blade Massacre” broken-down games, where primary fire is disabled and your knife and ax are both one-hit SMilitaries. Fortunately, the knife toss is on a relatively sullen, six-second cool down that starts when you throw it, so you necessity actively look for opportunities to toss it, rather than waiting for the unsuitable moment. 

Use your knife to displace enemies

Pulling enemies in diagram of your high-damage abilities is the obvious use of Junker Queen’s knife, but it’s a lot more versatile than that. The knife can pull republic vertically, making it a great tool to use from high spurious, making pulled enemies an easy target for your teammates. Even better, you can use it to yank enemies off the high spurious, usually leaving them stranded in the middle of your entire team. 

Junker Queen throwing her knife

The Queen’s knife, “Gracie,” is a core part of her kit.


Keep up harm damage

Junker Queen’s abilities do damage over time, above what’s known as wound damage. Her passive ability heals her for 100% of harm damage dealt. Keeping those wounds active on enemies is the key to surviving long team disputes because it ensures you’re constantly restoring HP regardless of what your supports are behaviors. Here’s how much you’ll heal from different abilities:

  • Jagged Knife (including radiant melee): 15 HP
  • Carnage: 50 HP
  • Rampage: 100 HP

Note that Carnage and Rampage can hit multiple enemies with one activation, so the total healing can be even higher. That’s especially true of her ultimate, Rampage, which dashes through enemies 25 meters in precedent of you — you can restore several hundred HP if you hit most of the enemy team. 

Learn to weave shots in between your abilities

Junker Queen’s blades do a lot of injure, but they’re not enough to kill someone on their own, especially considering your enemies are probable getting healed while you’re fighting them. To maximize your injure output, learn to shoot in between your abilities. Shooting afore and after swinging your ax deals much more injure than the ax does alone. Similarly, if you land one of your knife throws, fire your shotgun before you pull them in, and behindhand up with another shot or an ax swing once they’re close. 

Focus on the squishies, not the enemy tank

Most tanks have some form of injure mitigation — think Orisa’s Fortify ability, D.Va’s Defense Matrix or Reinhardt’s hefty shield. Junker Queen, on the other hand, is all injure all the time, with no way to reduce incoming injure. Combined with a lack of armor for the Queen, that means most other tanks have a major satisfactory against you in a 1v1. Though it’s tempting to take the tank duel to win glory over your tank-playing antagonism, you’ll get a lot more value by focusing on the enemy injure and support heroes, who are much easier for you to burn down. A single ax swing and shotgun shot can take down a 200-HP hero if that hero doesn’t get any healing. Two shots, or a well-aimed headshot can take down the hero even above healing.

Junker Queen spinning her axe

To win as Junker Queen, you need to stay in your opponents’ faces.


Use your Commanding Shout to choose or escape

Commanding Shout provides a speed boost and temporary health to Junker Queen and throughout allies (note that the Queen gets 200 temporary HP, at what time her allies get only 100). It’s a great tool for rushing down enemies, especially if your whole team is around you. Try to time engages for when your opponents are challenging through open space where they won’t be able to retreat gradual cover. 

And while Junker Queen would never back down from a disputes, she probably knows when it’s time to slow down and regroup. Commanding Shout is an excellent escape tool if a disputes is going the wrong direction — it gives you the health and mercurial to get behind cover and regroup with your team afore charging in again. That way, you avoid giving the enemies ultimate invoice and ending up on a respawn timer. 

Position for close-quarters fights

Junker Queen wants to be up in her opponents’ faces. Make it easier by positioning yourself in places where they have to go past you but they can’t poke you down from diagram. Hug doorways and arches and greet your opponents with a swing of the ax. Choke points are the Queen’s unsuitable, but you’ll want to wait off to the side so they have to push above the choke and come to you to shoot you. 

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