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How to Transfer or Backup WhatsApp Chat History to a New Phone

You won't have to worry about your entire WhatsApp conversation history disappearing when you switch to a new phone. It is straightforward to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone by retrieving it from Google Drive, using a local backup, or using an app that lets you move WhatsApp across phones. By using the step-by-step procedure we have described below, you can transfer your WhatsApp conversations, photographs, and videos to a new phone.

Switch between Android smartphones by transferring WhatsApp messages

How to Backup or Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data on a New Phone

You are kindly given all the resources you require to do this work by WhatsApp. You should first make a copy of each and every one of your WhatsApp messages, then move the copy to the new smartphone. Is it really so easy? First, let's consider how:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android-powered smartphone.
  • Hit the Menu button first to get to Settings.
  • From the list of available settings, choose "Chats."
  • Click on Chat Backup.
  • Tap the "Account" button to select your Google Drive account or to set up a new one.
  • Select "Include Videos" if you also want to export the videos.
  • To save your WhatsApp conversations and media assets to Google Drive, select "Backup."
Great! Your WhatsApp conversations are now backed up to your Google Drive. Restoring this backup onto your new phone is the next step.

How to restore chats from WhatsApp on a new device

How to Backup or Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data on a New Phone
  • On your new Android device, install WhatsApp, then run the program once it's finished.
  • Select the "I Agree and Continue" option after reading the rules.
  • Please confirm both your nationality and your phone number when required.
  • If a six-digit verification code is required, please input it.
  • Simply tap the Continue option to grant WhatsApp access to the backup file saved on your Google Drive.
  • You must grant WhatsApp permission to search for a backup in your Google Drive.
  • Press the button after choosing the account where your backups are kept.
  • Choose "Restore"
  • When the process of restoring is finished, tap the Next button to access the program.