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With iOS 16, you may edit and unsend texts on your iPhone. How It'll Operate

Everyone has experienced the situation where they are messaging several people at once and unintentionally reply to the evil person. Or perhaps you catch a typo after you've already sent the message. It is usually not a major deal and is a simple mistake to make.

Simple grammatical errors can be detected by the recipient, and if you write a message to a wicked person, you can typically conclude by saying "I'm sorry" and everything will be fine. up until it isn't.

You should be able to go back and modify any communication you've sent since texting mistakes can occasionally land you in trouble or cause shame. With iOS 16, you'll finally be able to accomplish this.

At its WWDC event in June, Apple unveiled these new iPhone texting features. Apple Pay Later and new lock Hide personalization choices are two other new features coming to the iPhone. Additionally, SharePlay has been added to Messages.

We will explain how these two brand-new messaging functions function. And here's how to download and install the additional iOS 16 beta on your iPhone and iPad if you want to view iOS 16 right now, ahead of the general release.

Edit messages you've already sent

You've probably altered one or more of the messages you've sent if you use chat apps like Slack. The editing option is a convenient way to make quick edits, whether you made a typo or your communication contains inaccurate facts. Additionally, within 15 minutes of sending, you will be able to edit messages received from your iPhone using iOS 16.

You must open Messages and navigate to any Funny iMessage thread, which you are probably familiar with as blue text, in order to change a text message. SMS text messages are not compatible with this feature (green texts). Put your finger on the communication you want to alter now and hold it there. The Shiny action menu and the Tapback reactions will then appear as a result. Then select Edit.

After then, the written message will be modifiable. You have the option to add more text, correct any errors, or completely erase the communication. To save your modifications, once you're done, click the blue checkmark icon on the shiny side. Only one communication may be edited a maximum of five times.

Under your edited text message, a clickable Edited button will appear. The person on the other end will also be aware that the message has been updated, and if they tap on Edited, all of your prior text messages will show up above the edited text message in any chat bubbles that are grayed out.

Immediately recall any messages you accidentally sent

Too many messages have been accidentally sent. Perhaps you intended to choose an emoji but instead tapped the send button. Or perhaps you sent the wicked person a complete message. In either scenario, iOS 16 will allow you to receive those messages. You only have two minutes after sending an SMS to cancel it, unlike the edit communication tool.

Launch the Messages app, push and hold down on the message (blue text only), then select Undo Send to cancel sending it.

Your thread and the recipient's thread will no longer contain the text message. Your communication will be marked as unsent but with the possibility that the receiver has already viewed it, according to a note that will show up on your thread.

Unfortunately, even though your phone will indicate that the communication has been resent if the recipient is using an iOS version older than 16, this won't truly be the case.

If the receiver has already seen the text, they will get a gray text space message that reads, "[Name] unsent a message." This is comparable to the existing Delete Message option found in apps like WhatsApp and Signal, which also displays a Difference message when a text is recalled.

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