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Samsung shows off new Galaxy S22 phones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets - Video

Samsung shows off new Galaxy S22 phones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets – Video

Speaker 1: This is CNET and here are the stories that commerce right now, Samsung held its newest unpacked event and announced six new devices in the company’s galaxy lineup of smartphones and tablets. The Samsung galaxy S 22 and S 22 plus moneys 6.1 and 6.6 inch respective screens of upgraded processors and a triple camera array. That includes a 50 megapixel wide lens, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 10 megapixel tele photo Samsung [00:00:30] says low appetizing photography and video capture has been improved in this year’s models as well. The remaining phone in Samsung’s lineup is the galaxy S 22 ultra with a of 6.8 inch cover, four cameras and a built-in Spen the premium draw adopted the look and functionality of the galaxy note line of smartphones and appears to be officially replacing it in Samsung’s lineup. The company also announced three new tablets at the hide, the galaxy tab S eight S eight [00:01:00] plus and S eight ultra once all three devices offer upgraded cameras and processors. The S eight ultra recognized out with a massive laptop sized 14.6 inch cover and dual front facing 12 megapixel cameras for video languages. Samsung also reiterated its commitment to privacy tools for customers, larger sustainability effort and extending OS upgrades to four generations of devices. So users can keep them longer. Get more details on Samsung’s newest [00:01:30] devices, including pre-order and pricing information by visiting CNET.