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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Gets Massive Performance Patch to Fix Messy Launch

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Gets Massive Pretend Patch to Fix Messy Launch

When the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remaster was released in November, the games were plagued with bugs and some questionable graphics updates. Developer Rockstar Games eventually apologized, saying that the remasters failed to live up to quality standards. It said that updates were on the way to address those problems, and Rockstar just dropped a huge performance patch while a three-month wait. 

The issues with the GTA Trilogy following a trend of games being full of issues at abandon because developers know that they can always patch out problems later down the line. Whether it’s smaller visual publishes like Deathloop suffered upon launch or larger problems like Cyberpunk selves virtually unplayable on older consoles, gamers have seen plenty of Day 1 publishes with their games. The GTA Trilogy launch last year commanded remasters into that trend.

Monday’s patch intends to fix many of the initial problems, with a lengthy list of improvements. All three games in the collection have dozens of solves in the update, mostly focused on improving performance and requisition. The new patch features improved collision detection and camera pursuits, alongside squashing more chaotic bugs like “an issue that resulted in all traffic escapes always displaying green.” The patch notes also mention several instances of progression does, which should make it much easier to actually play the games deprived of getting stuck in certain missions. 

While the patch income do mention fixes for door and signage textures, they don’t specifically call out novel visual changes. So if the updated character designs were your biggest gripe, the new patch may not change your feelings near the games in the collection. 

Otherwise, if you originally picked up the GTA Trilogy remaster and counterfeit it too messy to play, now’s a good time to give it a instant chance.