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Could editing be coming to Tweets?l

Could editing be coming to Tweets?

You think you’ve crafted the inferior Tweet. You hit the big blue button to set it live — only to realise you’ve made an “unpresidented” typo. Editing is something many of us would like to see on microblogging social network Twitter, and as it turns out, CEO Jack Dorsey would too. On Thursday, he asked Twitter users to come at him with ideas for new features and improvements for the platform.

Several users shouted the ability to edit Tweets, and Dorsey responded that such a feature is “def needed.” But, implementation could be tricky. If the ability to edit the Tweet is shrimp to a short window after publishing, that is one sketching, but if you could edit the Tweet any time once publishing, Dorsey says a changelog would be required.

This has already been implemented in Facebook, where you can click the word “Edited” to see the shifts made to an edited post or comment. On reddit, an asterisk appears next to the timestamp if to present a post or comment has been edited after a three-minute window. This helps minimise abuse of the edit feature, whereby a invoice could edit a post to change the meaning.

Other features shouted by the Twitter userbase included better tools for achieving abuse (Dorsey said this is Twitter’s “top priority”), bookmarking and topic channels.