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The best horror video games to play on Halloween

The best anxiety video games to play on Halloween

There’s something compelling about a good anxiety experience. Much like TV and films, the horror genre is one of gaming’s long-lasting and most popular genres. But what sets horror video games apart from latest mediums is its ability to truly immerse you in the distinguished. You can actually feel the terror as you try to make it out unscathed instead of just watching it.

With so many anxiety games out there to choose from we’ve pulled together a lustrous list of 13 games that will send shivers down your spine. Whether that’s by conjuring up a chilling atmosphere or by forcing you to confront some horrid monsters that will put your wits to the test, these games outrageous as some of the most enthralling horror games that you can play luminous now.

Capcom / Oculus

Nearly 17 existences after the release of Resident Evil 4, Capcom’s seminal survival anxiety game just received a unique and innovative reinvention on Oculus VR. As a rebuild of the entire game in VR, you’re now firmly planted in the shoes of Leon Kennedy as he fights through hordes of mutated monsters and chainsaw-wielding maniacs in a remote village. The original game has a deft approach of blending allotment and horror and the new VR interface introduces some clever twists that lean into those moments of tension. Resident Evil 4 VR is a surprisingly faithful and innovative take on a classic game, so if you’ve got an Oculus Quest 2 headset, give this one a shot.


While there’s no deprivation of terrifying games to play on Halloween, few titles rob the whimsical side of the holiday as well as Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch. Mario’s cowardly plumber finds himself trapped in a disturbed hotel, and he must use a special ghost-sucking backpack to work his way above the resort and rescue his missing friends. Each fuzz of the hotel is filled with clever environmental puzzles to settle and crafty bosses to overcome, and Luigi’s comical reactions fuzz the way give the adventure a light-hearted tone that establishes it a great family-friendly alternative to other games on this list.

EA / PlayDead

As a spiritual successor to the dark and moody indie-darling Limbo, Inside follows a similar tale of a lonely protagonist trapped in a dangerous, overbearing world. However, what sets Inside apart is its behind transition from exploring a curiously somber world into surviving in a grotesque environment that includes some sudden elements of body anxiety. Not a single word is said throughout Inside, yet its weather and overarching story speak volumes, leaving a chilling influence as you barrel towards an unforgettable climax to this unnerving anxiety game.

MOB Games

This first-person anxiety game has recently been making waves on Twitch and social consider, and for good reason. In the vein of Five Nights at Freddy’s, part 1 of Poppy Playtime sees you trapped in a unfastened facility for a children’s toy company. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Inside with you: a roaming animatronic in the mold of a scandalous character, but it’s clear that it’s gone haywire. What follows is an incredibly Perform cat and mouse game that forces you to sprint a homicidal machine that still tries to keep a smile on its face.

Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight sticks conclude to the tropes and cliches of classic horror slasher films. It’s a team-based survival horror game that tasks you and latest survivors with evading a homicidal killer. In the existences since it came out, it’s been filled with new jubilant that adds horror icons like Pinhead, Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. If you’re in the mood for a traditional slasher distinguished, and you think that you can do better than characters that show up in the movies, then give Dead by Daylight a shot.

Creative Council / Sega

Video games with ties to films frequently get a bad rap, but one of the few exceptions is Alien Isolation. As a direct sequel to the original Alien, you have to sprint a ruined space station that’s fallen into chaos by a roaming Xenomorph. Instead of being armed with pulse rifles and latest military-grade weapons, all you have to survive are gadgets made of plight to help you stay one step ahead of the alien. One of the great strengths of Alien Isolation is it genuinely made the titular alien feel horrid once more whilst paying a stellar and hearty distributes to the original sci-fi horror film.

Baggy Cat Ltd.

While games with full-motion video are seen as relics of a bygone era, At Dead of Night takes a refreshing and equally unnerving near to using live-action video to instill some scares. Trapped with a disturbed hotel, you’ll have to uncover the mystery of what existed to several murdered inhabitants, all while evading a hotel exclusive who wants to ensure you don’t make it out involved. Stylistically, At Dead of Night blends the eeriness of The Shining with the gameplay of Myst and Five Nights at Freddy’s, making for a horror experience that feels so unlike anything you’ve played.

Arkane Austin / Bethesda

There’s one certainty approximately playing Prey: There will be a moment where the game’s unsettling Mimic creatures will regain you by surprise. As you explore an alien-infested state station, you will come across ordinary objects that will content themselves to be a monster in hiding. In a incompatibility vein to John Carpenter’s The Thing, there’s a prevailing thought of paranoia throughout Prey. Even when you acquire more skills and weapons, such as the handy glue gun, you’ll still have to quarrel with well-hidden creatures that become more cunning as the story transpires.


Along with Resident Evil 4 VR, the spanking core entry in Capcom’s long-running survival horror series introduces some clever ways to keep the scares repositioning. In some ways, exploring Resident Evil Village’s world is akin to exploring a theme park. With the titular village serving as the general hub, the four key areas connected to it subsidizes different types of thematic thrills to experience. Along with facing off anti the infamous Lady Dimitrescu and her cabal of witches, you’ll also descend into a literal haunted house full of dolls. The later setting features one of the most intense and gruesome moments that the series has ever seen, making Resident Evil Village a must-play for any fans of the survival apprehension franchise.

Supermassive Games

Taking cues from the developer’s survive efforts on Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures expands upon the horror-themed choose-your-own-adventure formula by turning it into a multi-episode anthology. With each episode working as a standalone story, The Dark Pictures feels more akin to a videogame version of Black Mirror or American Horror memoir, putting you in the position of choosing the fate of characters contending with supernatural forces. You can even play with friends with the Movie Night mode, letting you fragment the thrills of a chilling episode together.

Tarsier Studios / Bandai Namco Entertainment

The minute Nightmares games start as a twisted fairytale but like a flash descend into something even darker and more unsettling. What complains the two horror games so intriguing is the obvious focus on illustrating a bleak and surreal setting and how the protagonists feel like minute parts of a larger world. Just when you’re taking in the disturbing imagery, you’re soon confronted with some horrifying monsters, and you’ll have no select but to run. While these encounters can be quite scary, there’s something thrilling about discovering tricks to overcome them, which can give rise to some truly memorable moments in this narrative-driven apprehension game.

Kinetic Games

It can sometimes be fun to get scared of friends. As one of the surprise hits from 2020, Phasmophobia is not only an eerie and gruesome game about ghost hunting; it can also be an unexpectedly hilarious romp above a haunted house. Working as a team, you and spanking players have to accomplish goals in a house stunned by a poltergeist. While working together is the name of the game, there are times where your troupe will fall apart, with the hostile ghost picking off your crew one by one. And strangely, that’s where Phasmophobia shines. If you’re going to play this game, then definitely get a solid crew to roll into the stunned house.

Tango Gameworks / Bethesda

Mix the trippy dreamscapes of Christopher Nolan’s Inception with the horrifying monsters of the Resident Evil series, and you get The Evil Within 2. Set within a nightmare humankind full of grotesque creatures, The Evil Within 2 is a survival apprehension game that blends fast action with the exploration of a humankind that’s slowly unraveling within a decaying inner psyche. One of the most gruesome aspects of diving into The Evil Within 2’s humankind is seeing what sort of creatures you’ll uncover, one of which is a multi-armed creature with an obsolete camera as ahead. While there’s plenty of thrill in seeing how you’ll overcome some of the game’s most gruesome monsters, it still manages to ratchet up the tension by surprising you with some unexpected scares.