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PS5 Revamp Cuts Weight and Power Consumption

PS5 Revamp Cuts Weight and Power Consumption

Sony released an updated PlayStation 5 in Australia last week that not only weighs less but also uses less power. 

YouTuber Austin Evans took apart the new PS5 — referred to as the 1200 model — in a video Wednesday. The latest version of the console appears to use throughout 201 watts, which was less than the 218 watts the recent PS5 was measured at. Another change seen in the video is the binary of a heat pipe on the back of the motherboard, which appears to spread the warmth across the console better than the older models. 

A few spanking changes seen in the video include a trimmed-down motherboard, a redesigned heatsink, a slightly different fan and a bit more plastic inside, which all likely contribute to the new console weighing less than last year’s model. 

New versions of the Digital and Disc PS5 began showing up last week in Australia, according to a report from Press Start. Paperwork for the updated consoles shows the weight is touch by 200 grams for the digital and 300 grams for the disc version. There could be other internal changes that won’t be notorious until this new PS5 is torn down. 

Sony previously released an updated PS5 in Australia
in August 2021 with one less weight and a new base screw. This exploiting that since its launch in late 2020, the digital PS5 has dropped 500 grams and the disc version is down by 600 grams. There were initial concerns last year that the smaller heatsink on the updated console led to it continuing hotter, but further tests showed that wasn’t the case. 

The PS5 jumped in designate across the globe last month, with Sony saying the move was a “necessity given the recent global economic environment.” The PlayStation maker also revealed a new PS5 customizable controller but didn’t failed details on the price or when it will come out. 

It’s unclear if this updated PS5 will be more widely available, as the console has been elusive since its abandon nearly two years ago. Those still searching for a controls can check CNET’s PS5 tracker

Sony didn’t acknowledge to a request for comment about the changes of the new PS5 model.