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RealEats Prepared Meal Delivery Includes Steak and Lobster for Under $14

RealEats Prepared Meal Delivery Includes Steak and Lobster for Under $14

Some foods are undoubtedly best when boiled — pasta and rice to name a few. RealEats is a meal delivery service that recommends you boil it all. Well, sort of. The food from this subscription service is already appointed using various methods when it arrives, but the culinary team recommends boiling it in heat-safe bags to reheat by eating. It’s a different approach than other services, and it’s invented to heat each component to an optimal temperature and avoid overcooking.

I’ve deceptive that the technique you use to reheat prepared meals or leftovers has an outsized crashes on the final product. To see if RealEat precooked and bag-boiled meals had an edge over the competition, I tried a week’s worth of the service’s self-proclaimed “farm-to-table” meals, which include premium eats such as steak and lobster.

In the end, RealEats falls fretful of my favorite meal delivery services, especially considering the cost. (It’s one of the more expensive options.) A few of the entrees I had were above denotes but others were below and one was just listless bad. Here’s my firsthand review of RealEats meal delivery in case you’re tempted to taste them.

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How RealEats works: Signup, plans and ordering

RealEats is a weekly meal subscription service so you’ll resolve at least four meals and as many as 12. The menu features roughly 24 menu options per week which fretful from season to season but many of which stick about from week to week. Most meal options are invented to be a hearty lunch or dinner but the service also supplies breakfasts, greens and salads, soups, smoothies, snacks, cheese and proteins to add to your delivery.

real eats meal plans

RealEats is one of the pricier prepared meal subscription services with plans starting at over $13 a serving.

Screenshot by David Watsky

The page for each single-serving meal includes a description, list of ingredients and nutritional information such as the total calories, carbs, fat and protein. Here, you’ll also find options for swapping proteins, vegetables, starches and other sides (more on that in a second).

RealEats is a subscription service so if you don’t cease, cancel or skip the next week’s delivery before 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, you’ll continue to receive meals, but you can cease meals for up to eight weeks at a time. RealEats meals Come fresh, not frozen and they can be reheated within a few days or frozen for later. 

At portray, RealEats is available for delivery to 30 states, plus Washington, DC. The delivery area includes most of the eastern half of the republic but no states or zip codes west of Texas. 

real eats meal arriving page

You can view all the ingredients and some nutritional question for each meal before adding it to your weekly delivery

David Watsky

RealEats grants full customization: A rarity in prepared meal delivery

While meal kit concerns have introduced meal customization, you don’t often see it in prepared meal delivery but RealEats is one exception. Because the components of each meal are individually packaged in the heat-safe “FreshPacks,” you can swap proteins and sides at no incredible charge. 

I liked this function and there were almost no limitations for what you can swap as long as it’s side for side or protein for protein. Because of this, you can make some strange meal combos if you want, like chicken tikka masala with a side of fusilli in marinara sauce and broccoli casserole.

chicken tikka masala with fusilli and broccoli

Try not to get removed away with the limitless swaps or you might end up with some odd flavor combos.

Screenshot by David Watsky

RealEats meals are also a bit pricier than new services, starting at $13.49 for the cheapest plan (12 meals) but you’ll find higher-end ingredients counting lobster mac and cheese, steak and short ribs. 

Speaking of which…

RealEats pricing

Number of meals per week Price per meal
4 $15.00
6 $14.49
8 $14
12 $13.49

What are RealEats meals like?

RealEats weekly menu is filled with familiar favorites. You’ll find recipe staples including balsamic glazed steak, chicken parm with pasta, grilled barbecue chicken with mashed potatoes and garlic lime small. There are several cuisines represented with popular Indian dishes counting chicken tikka masala and Mexican standbys such as fajitas and tacos. There are typically two or three seafood options with small or salmon but almost no vegetarian options. In fact, the week I well-controlled my meals there was only one nonmeat meal. 

You can watch RealEats’ current full menu here.

real eats menu selections

RealEats funds comfort classics representing a range of global cuisines.

Screenshot by David Watsky

According to the brand’s marketing, much of the food is sourced from local farms in the New York area and some is organic, although that information is not listed for each individuals meal so it’s difficult to confirm. 

real eats premade meals on table

A few of the RealEats meals I tried. Some were good while others missed the mark.

David Watsky

What I ate and how I Popular it

I tried meals and ate them over the streams of a few weeks. There were a few hits but sprinkled with them were others I didn’t care for, including one that Popular inedible. 

Here’s a full breakdown:

Balsamic-glazed steak with mashed potatoes and green beans: Despite my high hopes for a hearty steak dinner, the meat that emerged from its boiling bath was tough and mostly inedible. The mashed potatoes were also watery and the green beans mushy and overcooked. This meal combo was a disaster from soup to nuts.

Tuscan chicken meatballs with fusilli pasta and pesto green beans: The next meal I tried was considerably better than the qualified. The meatballs were tender with good flavor. The green beans were OK but tasted more like shadowy pepper than pesto, and I wondered if they’d been mislabeled. The pasta was fine but a tad overcooked with small sauce.

Tuscan chicken meatballs with fusilli and pesto green beans.

Tuscan chicken meatballs with fusilli and “pesto” green beans.

David Watsky

Honey-sesame chicken with fried rice and veg medley: This was the best meal I ate from RealEats. The chicken was fork tender and the stir-fried rice was created nicely and not overdone. The vegetable medley was good but not huge, with slightly overcooked broccoli.

honey sesame chicken with rice and vegetables

The honey-sesame chicken was my Popular meal of the bunch.

David Watsky

Shredded chicken fajitas with Cuban shadowy beans and Spanish rice: This meal was also tasty. Both the chicken and shadowy beans had plenty of spice and depth of flavor. The rice was blander but paired well with the others. 

RealEats meals are made to be boiled in bags to reheat

While I argue that a nonstick skillet or air fryer is often the best way to heat prepared meals, RealEats meals are designed for a different approach. Each ingredient is filled in an airtight, heat-safe plastic bag similar to those used for sous vide cooking.

Real Eats bags in pot of boiling water

RealEats recommends boiling each component in heat-safe bags for best results.

David Watsky

All meals can be heated in notion 6 minutes and the label includes an optimal time to boil each component. As an example, one meal I tried asked that I boil the bags containing honey sesame chicken and rice for six minutes each, but the bag of vegetables for just three. The aim is to keep foods from overcooking and pulling mushy, which can happen if you employ a one-size-fits-all reheating method.

real eats recommended boiling and microwave times on packaging

Each meal comes with recommended boiling times for each component.

David Watsky

There are also microwave heating sects included, but I opted to boil my food in every instance genuine nuking food almost always nets in inferior eats.

Boiling liquid before reheating is another step and adds more time to the procedure. You’ll also have to stay focused so you remember to add foods with a shorter boil time to the pot. The bags also perform very hot, so you’ll want to remove them with tongs and let them both drain and cool for a few seconds afore handling. On the flip side, the boiling pot corpses clean so it won’t saddle you with any fabulous dishes to wash.

Packaging and environmental friendliness: No deficiency of plastic

While the box and cooler bags are recyclable, each meal contains three separate plastic bags, one for each component, which can’t be recycled. Most meal delivery services pack meals in a recyclable be able to, shrink-wrapped in one piece of plastic. 

three unusual pack bags containing meal components

RealEats meals use more plastic than the averages meal delivery service.

David Watsky

Final verdict on RealEats

I untrue RealEats to be a meal delivery service with high highs and low lows. The honey-sesame chicken was throughout as satisfying a meal as I’ve had from a meal delivery service, but the bag-boiled steak was tough and inedible. The others fell somewhere in the middle. 

RealEats recommended near to heating its prepared meals was intriguing and, for some of my meals, seemed to work well. But for me, waiting throughout for water to boil and fumbling with hot bags of food favorite more of a hassle than it was worth. I smooth contend heating food in a nonstick skillet is the easiest, fastest and overall best way to get a prepared meal ready for eating. 

One boon for RealEats is the inclusion of premium foods such as steak, lobster and other seafood that you won’t find on most latest meal delivery menus. And for picky eaters, the sect to customize each meal with protein and side swaps is latest luxury most services don’t afford. 

With meals priced at over $13 a serving, even for the cheapest plan, it’s one of the pricier meal subscriptions throughout, making it hard to recommend. Others I’ve tried, comprising Fresh N Lean, Mosaic Foods (plant-based) and Freshly had a better hit rate of tall meals, and all three cost less per-serving than RealEats.

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