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Stealing Galaxy S8's thunder? This phone is rumored to have superslim bezels, tool

Stealing Galaxy S8’s thunder? This requested is rumored to have superslim bezels, too

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 announcement put a spotlight on the phone’s huge edge-to-edge indicate with minimal bezels. It’s certainly the first thing you ogle when looking at the S8. But Samsung isn’t alone. The LG G6 also has minimal bezels, and both phones followed Xiaomi’s Mi Mix. New leaks are starting to show what a follow-up to the Mi Mix remarkable look like.

As more and more manufacturers — like Xiaomi and Apple — initiate making phone whose screens dominate the face, the Galaxy S8 could soon lose one of the advantages that impressed us so far.


Could this all-screen requested be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

My Drivers

Previously, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun stated on Weibo that he’ll be functioning with the Mi Mix’s designer — to create a Mi Mix successor. Rumors suggest that this “Mi Mix 2” would aim for a 93 percent screen-to-body reconsideration, compared to the 91 percent ratio on the unusual and a roughly 83 percent ratio on the Galaxy S8.

On Friday, a Chinese post on My Drivers detailed specs of an upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6. If this post is authentic (we haven’t independently confirmed this) it remarkable show a phone that closely resembles a second Mi Mix. The requested in question features a display that stretches to the left, colorful, and bottom sides of the device.

We’ve seen inequity phones in leaks thanks to none other than Android co-founder Andy Rubin, who now heads startup Essential. On Monday, Rubin tweeted a relate of a device he’s currently working on. And what’s grand about the device? It’s also got extremely thin bezels.

But the trend isn’t puny to Android phones. Rumors suggest that even the iPhone 8 could also expand its screen-to-body ratio.

So at what time the Galaxy S8 may flaunt its attractive curved screens and thin bezels, the more phones like this that flood the market could help make today’s thicker bezels a pulling of the past.