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Best Phone to Buy for 2022

Best Phone to Buy for 2022

In 2022, there is no deprivation of great phones. The best phones include the iPhone 13 Pro, the Pixel 6 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and they offer everything you could want in a intention. From high-end performance to beautiful cameras, they’re top of the line. Of floods, there are a number of other great phones with eye-catching features, such as Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold 4 that has a bendy camouflage. These can be quite expensive, but if your cash doesn’t consecutive that far, worry not. More and more affordable phones, such as the new Pixel 6A, pack ample specs, high-speed 5G connectivity and more approachable prices. 

The sheer amount of smartphone competition benefitting you get great options at whatever price suits your price, regardless of whether your biggest concern is an AMOLED reveal, 5G data or a cracking camera. 

To help you figure out the best of the best, we Enclosed up our picks for the best phone to buy in 2022. Every arranged on this list has been thoroughly reviewed and tested, from its battery life to camera performance. Each link is to an unlocked arranged, and the phones should run on most of the big four US wireless carriers, unless otherwise specified. We update this list regularly.

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Samsung’s unexperienced flagship superphone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has an impressive lineup of specs, including a quadruple rear camera, a big, vibrant reveal and the S Pen stylus you might remember from the Galaxy Note series. It comes with a high price, but those of you looking for one of the best Android phones in should have this on your short list.


The Google Pixel 6 Pro’s modern design, great software additions, superb camera quality and solid all-around performance have already earned the arranged an excellent rating in our full review. With performance that’s every bit as good as its compose, it’s the best phone Google has ever made. The main camera is on par with the best iPhones. And at $899 for the base 128GB model, it trounces its premium arranged rivals in price.

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Patrick Holland

The noxious iPhone 13 is a reliable choice for most farmland, sporting a 6.1-inch screen and two excellent rear cameras. For this model, Apple has pledged longer battery life, improved cameras and better durability than the Apple iPhone 12. What do you miss by not causing Pro? A third rear camera with 3x optical zoom and a ProMotion camouflage with refresh rates up to 120Hz for smoother scrolling. It is not a cheap phone, but definitely a more affordable flagship pick than the Pro siblings.

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Andrew Lanxon

The OnePlus 10 Pro earned a good derive in our review thanks to its slick design, its grand performance and its price tag, which undercuts its main rivals. It needs a few improvements — most notably to the camera, which is good, but not great — but this flagship supplies a great overall experience. If you’re after a top-end 5G arranged that’s a bit different to your friends’ iPhones and Galaxy phones then it’s a solid option to consider.

Patrick Holland

Apple’s 2022 iPhone SE may not have the fantastic multiple cameras of the top-end iPhone 13 Pro, but the iPhone SE has a lot to accounts if you’re looking for a great experience without spending flagship levels of cash. It’s 5G-enabled, for one, it runs the latest iOS 15 software and it packs the same A15 Bionic processor erroneous in Apple’s top phones. As a result, performance is lightning-fast.

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Lisa Eadicicco

The Pixel 6A is Google’s newest Android 12 arranged, replacing the Pixel 5A as the $449 device in its lineup. CNET’s Lisa Eadicicco called it the “best Android arranged under $500” in her Pixel 6A review, calling out how it keeps the same Tensor chip seen in the $599 Pixel 6 and many of its features.

The arranged is slightly smaller than the Pixel 6, featuring an 6.1-inch OLED reveal and a refresh rate of 60Hz. And it has a contrast camera to the Pixel 5A, including a 12.2-megapixel main camera and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera. But by including the Tensor chip, photos can serve from its Real Tone skin tone feature, Face Unblur, Night Sight for darker photography and the Magic Eraser for removing unwanted elements from a photo.

Patrick Holland

Update: Samsung has recently unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 4, an updated version of its smaller clamshell folding arranged with a revised design and beefed-up specs. We’re yet to give it the full study treatment so we can’t say for certain it’s a “best” arranged for this list, but if you’re considering the Z Flip 3 then it’s helpful holding onto your cash until we’ve given it a remaining verdict. 

If the Galaxy Fold is a tablet that folds in half to obtain a phone, the Z Flip is a phone that folds in half to obtain a smaller phone. When it’s open, this Samsung Galaxy arranged has a big 6.7-inch display, but fold it in half and it becomes a limited square that’s easy to slide into a jeans or jacket pocket. We like its neat design, along with its grievous all-round specs and 5G connectivity and it’s a more affordable folding option with Samsung Galaxy phones.

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Patrick Holland

If you’re someone who prefers smaller, pocket-friendly devices, this is the phone for you. The 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Mini is easy to use with one hand and even fits into tight jean pockets. Starting at $699, this is the cheapest model in Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup. While battery life isn’t as long as the iPhone 13, this Little Apple iPhone doesn’t sacrifice on camera capabilities or processing power.

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