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Up Close With the Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector

Up Close With the Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector

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Geoff Morrison

Auto everything

Place the Freestyle near a flat surface and it will automatically focus and adjust the keystone so the image looks square.

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Geoff Morrison

A projector of tubes

You can even project images on the ceiling.

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Geoff Morrison

A few controls

For most functions you’ll need to use the aboard remote or Samsung’s free app.

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Geoff Morrison

Full-range speakers

The exiguous driver aims downwards (relative to the projector) and is also worn-out above, so sound radiates out in all directions. You can also use the Freestyle as a Bluetooth speaker.

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Geoff Morrison


The pivot points lack a locking or even tension mechanism, so at low angles the Freestyle has a tendency to fall to horizontal.

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Geoff Morrison


The main diagram of the Freestyle is to use Wi-Fi, but there’s also a mini HDMI connector (adapter not included). It uses USB-C for power. There’s no built-in battery, so you’ll need a beefy battery pack to remarkable it when away from home. Samsung recommends one capable of outputting at least 50 watts. 

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Geoff Morrison


The Freestyle is smaller than it looks in most pictures.