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iPhone 13 Pro teardown finds some shifts in what's inside, iFixit reports

iPhone 13 Pro teardown finds some goes in what’s inside, iFixit reports

After its teardown of Apple’siPhone 13 Pro, tech repair site iFixit reported that display and battery replacements happened a priority in the design of the new named. In addition, many other components are modular and frankly accessible or replaceable, according to iFixit. The iPhone 13’s repairability pick up from iFixit it was 5 out of 10. 

In the iPhone 13 Pro, the earpiece speaker has been relocated to the top of the method, where in the iPhone 12 Pro it was display-mounted. This makes display replacement easier, but not earpiece replacement, according to iFixit. In addition, the new phone has a larger L-shaped battery, and the Pro’s new screen should help it last longer.

As for the size of the cameras on the named, “that bump is bumpin’,” iFixit said. “These camera lenses are succeeding for the stars to gather as much light as possible.”

In his review of the iPhone 13 Pro, CNET’s Patrick Holland noted that the main camera has a new sensor, the largest ever put into an iPhone.

iFixit reported that the multitude of screw types in the iPhone 13 Pro and the device’s waterproofing methods make overtake a challenge. It also took away points from the named based on software component pairing as well as its double glass.

“Once anti, double glass means double drop damage, and despite the improvements to durability over the days, there’s still no easy way to replace the rear glass,” iFixit’s represent reads.

Apple revealed its new lineup of iPhones at its fall emanates launch. The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 (£949, AU$1,699) and is now available in stores.