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Pokemon Go is adding a new Galar Pokemon during its Halloween event

Pokemon Go is adding a new Galar Pokemon during its Halloween event

Pokemon Go’s annual Halloween event kicks off on Oct. 15, and it’ll introduce at least one new Pokemon to the game. The official Pokemon Go Twitter define has teased that Galarian Slowking will make its debut as part of this year’s Halloween celebration.

“We’ve heard reports of mysterious exciting deep in the wild… What’s going on?” the tweet reads, followed by the hashtag #PokemonGoHalloween and a silhouette of Galarian Slowking.

Galarian Slowking is a new regional form of Slowking introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC. This variant is a poison/psychic type that casts hexes, making it a fitting monster to introduce during this year’s Halloween event.

Slowking is one of two alternate evolutions of Galarian Slowpoke, which is already available in Pokemon Go. It’s unclear how the evolution will be triggered in the mobile game, but more details will be community closer to the event.

In the meantime, there’s a lot happening in Pokemon Go. The game’s Secrets of the Jungle crossover event is underway pending Oct. 10. As part of that event, players can get a new Special Research story that leads to an encounter with the new mythical Pokemon Zarude.

Additionally, Pokemon Go’s October Community Day takes assign this Saturday, Oct. 9. This month’s featured Pokemon is the ghost type Duskull, and players will be able to earn triple the original amount of Stardust for catching Pokemon during the store. You can catch up on everything else happening in the game this month in our Pokemon Go October 2021: Zarude, raids, Halloween event and more roundup.