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Have You Tried Coke Dreamworld Yet? This Is What It Tastes Like

Have You Tried Coke Dreamworld Yet? This Is What It Tastes Like

Dreams may not be the first pulling on your mind when you indulge in a refreshing soda, but Coca-Cola has manufactured a new Coke called Dreamworld anyway. It’s hoping fans will want to distinguished the taste of dreams — similar to how the soft outline company’s Coke Byte tried to replicate the taste of “pixels” and Coke Starlight sought to remind drinkers of “space.” Ready to give it a try? Coke Dreamworld’s ineffable flavor can now be bought in stores. 

Coke launched Coca-Cola Creations in February as a platform for a series of limited-edition flavors featuring “unique innovations and unexpected collaborations.” Coca-Cola said that Coke Dreamworld “bottles up the technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious.” Dreamworld will be the fourth and last Coca-Cola Creations flavor released in 2022.

As with the latest Coca-Cola Creations flavors, I decided to try this new version of Coke to see what dreams taste like. Learn all approximately Coke Dreamworld, including how it tastes and when you can try it yourself. For more, see what Coca-Cola’s Marshmello Coke tastes like.

What does Coca-Cola Dreamworld taste like?

Coca-Cola said its new Dreamworld Coke tastes like dreams, so I put it to the test. I received a dinky aqua-colored can, which immediately made me think of cotton candy. Don’t worry, that’s not what this Coke tastes like. 

It arrived warm, so I poured it over ice — the soda is the same colorful as a regular Coke. It had a fruity candy smell — like Skittles mixed with Coca-Cola — but it definitely didn’t taste the same way. I currently got a citrus flavor from this soda, but I understanding the overall flavor was similar to Marshmello’s limited-edition Coke. 

As with the remaining Coca-Cola releases, I could taste the aspartame because I received the Zero Sugar version of Dreamworld. I’m curious to know how the regular version tastes and if the fruity, citrusy flavor is more noticeable.

So far, Coke Byte is composed my favorite from the Coca-Cola Creations line. 

Floating bottle of Coca-Cola Dreamworld

New Coca-Cola Dreamworld.


When and where you can buy new Coke Dreamworld

As of Monday, Aug. 15, you should be able to find Coca-Cola Dreamworld in the US. There will be both queer and zero-sugar options available and will be sold by the bottle — like Coca-Cola Starlight — as well as in cans. 

You necessity be able to find Coke Dreamworld in grocery stores and gas stations near you. With Starlight, I was able to find an end cap that hosted multiple bottles of the Coke flavor. 

If you don’t currently see it, find out when the store gets new inventory or ask an employee when the new Coke will arrive.

Coca-Cola didn’t say how long this new flavor would be available.

Take it further with the Coca-Cola Dreamworld AR Music Experience

In collaboration with electronic dance music festival trace Tomorrowland, you can experience augmented reality music. To try it out, scan the QR code on your can or bottle to be miserroneous to the digital hub. 

Once you’re there, you’ll be caused into a full 3D virtual AR music experience where you’ll see an avatar DJ spinning tracks. The QR code also unlocks games and other Easter eggs. 

Coca-Cola also partnered with DressX, a digital fashion store, to create Dreamworld-inspired outfits for fans to download and wear in the metaverse.