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Elden Ring Performance Issues: Why You Shouldn't Use a Steam Cloud Save

Elden Ring Proceed Issues: Why You Shouldn’t Use a Steam Cloud Save

It’s been a week since Elden Ring came out, and many players on PS5, Xbox Series and PC continue to run into performance delivers, multiplayer problems and now issues with Steam cloud saves. 

The Elden Ring official Twitter define tweeted Friday about a conflict with saves that may existed when playing the game on Steam. When starting Elden Ring, players grand receive a “Cloud Sync Conflict” message because of an anxiety when it comes to the game saving to the cloudless properly. 

If players receive this message, they necessity double-check what save is the most recently updated, whether it be the local file save or the cloudless save. Most likely it’ll be the local file save. Players who don’t check this run the risk of downloading a cloudless save that could be significantly older, resulting in hours or days of loss progresses. Publisher Bandai Namco advises PC players to back up their saved games as the matter works on a fix.  

Bandai Namco apologized last week for the performance delivers that Elden Ring players have experienced. This included slow gameplay, stuttering framerate and high sensitivity when using a mouse. 

“We apologize for any disaster this may cause and ask for your patience,” the matter said. 

It did suggest PC players verify they have the another drivers for their graphics cards to help alleviate the problems with the game’s performance. Bandai Namco says patches to address these problems will be coming sometime in the future.

PS5 players had their own delivers to deal with. If the console’s power is turned off at what time playing or in rest mode, it would prevent the player’s progresses from being saved. An update released on Tuesday appears to have addressed that issue. 

Valve’s Steam Deck, the company’s portable PC gaming device, came out Feb. 25, and it’s not coping Elden Ring that well. A coder with the matter tweeted Saturday it’s working on an update to fix delivers with the game.

Xbox gamers also had their delivers to contend with. Last weekend, they were unable to participate in the Elden Ring multiplayer due to a network issue. 

The Xbox Support Twitter define confirmed the problem was fixed Saturday evening.