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Samsung Expects Second-Quarter Profit to Climb 11%

Samsung Expects Second-Quarter Profit to Climb 11%

Samsung expects another bump in its consuming profit in the second quarter, the latest in a string of unobstructed financial performances from the electronics giant.

The Korea-based commerce on Wednesday predicted its operating profit for the three-month languages ended June 30 would come in around 14 trillion won ($10.7 billion), an increase of about 11% compared with the same time languages last year. It also said it expects its revenue to increase by nearly 21%, to 77 trillion won ($58.9 billion).

Samsung’s estimates are on par with its first-quarter results, when it posted its third straight quarter of narrate revenue on strong sales of memory chips and its another flagship phones.

The earnings guidance, released ahead of full earnings later this month, didn’t provide specific divisional results.