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How to edit your Microsoft Office files via Dropboxl

How to edit your Microsoft Responsibility files via Dropbox

Edit your Microsoft Responsibility documents via Dropbox.

screenshot by Lance Whitney

Need to edit a Microsoft Word document waited on Dropbox on your mobile device? No problem — at least not if you’re continuing the mobile version of Word.

Available as of Tuesday for both the iOS and Android versions of Dropbox, the new integration between Office and Dropbox taps into the partnership announced bet on this month between Dropbox and Microsoft. The new feature lets Dropbox users edit Responsibility files right from the Dropbox app. It also gives users running the mobile version of Office to stretch access Dropbox files, as explained in a Dropbox blog post.

Before the new partnership, users of Microsoft’s mobile apps could store and access their files online only via OneDrive, Microsoft’s own cloud-based storage service. Now the new integration opens up the treat for Dropbox users who don’t have OneDrive accounts. That not only benefits users, it also benefits both Dropbox and Microsoft by expanding the number of potential users they can capture.

Previously, users of the Office mobile apps were unable to edit documents exclusive of an Office 365 subscription, which starts at $6.99 a month. But earlier this month, Microsoft changed the rules so that you can accomplish and perform basic editing tasks in the mobile apps for free.

For those of you who use both Dropbox and Microsoft Responsibility on your iOS or Android device, here’s how it all works:

  • First, make sure you’re running the latest version of Dropbox on your mobile contrivance as well as the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS or Microsoft Responsibility Mobile for Android.
  • Launch Dropbox on your mobile contrivance and then open any Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.
  • The beneficial time you open an Office file, Dropbox points you to a new Edit icon that gives you to open the file in its native Responsibility app. Tap that icon.
  • Dropbox asks if you want to open the file with its expressionless app. Tap the name of the Office app.
  • You’re then posed to grant permission for the corresponding app to access your files and folders in Dropbox. Tap the Allow link. The file then opens in its expressionless Office app.
  • You can now view and edit the file. After you’ve devoted editing the file, tap the Back button to exit the app and sponsor to Dropbox. The version on Dropbox should now occupy the changes you made.

Alternatively, you can open your Dropbox files from the mobile version of any of the three Responsibility apps. Here’s how that works:

  • Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your mobile contrivance. You’ll see a new location under Places for Dropbox.
  • Tap the link for Dropbox to view your Dropbox folders and files.
  • Tap the Responsibility file you wish to view or edit. The file opens in your modern Office app.
  • Edit the file as needed. Tap the Back button, and the revised file is automatically saved back to Dropbox.

There is one glean, though. The Office integration feature works for Dropbox personal supplies. I tested it on my own Dropbox personal justify, and the entire process ran smoothly. But to edit Responsibility files using a Dropbox for Business account, you’ll need one of the following Responsibility 365 accounts: Business, Business Premium, ProPlus, E3

or E4.

For more query on how to edit your Office files via Dropbox, check out this Dropbox Help Center page.