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A Concept EV from Acura will be displayed during Monterey Car Week

What's going on

Monterey Car Week will see the introduction of Acura's Precision EV concept.

What's at stake

The SUV-based concept, which was co-developed with General Motors and is based on the Honda Prologue, is the brand's first electric vehicle.

Next steps

On August 18, the Precision EV concept will be unveiled.

This month's Monterey Car Week will include another bright new concept car from Acura, the company announced on Thursday. This concept vehicle, known as the Precision EV, offers a sneak peek at Acura's "future design language for [an] electrified era."

Although the Precision EV idea is still a work in progress, there are a few things that are clear from the teaser video above. Since Acura's first electric vehicle will be a modified version of the Honda Prologue, an electric crossover being co-developed with General Motors, the posture and shape clearly indicate an SUV.

The Acura emblem is lighted, of course, and the Precision EV concept car has a big grille that puts on a cool light show. Other than that, the front fascia of the concept actually doesn't seem to deviate all that much from the style currently employed on the RDX and MDXSUVs, but we'll hold off until we see the entire vehicle in person. Who knows, the backside might be crazy.

Each year in August, Acura attends Monterey Car Week with one or more hot new products. The NSX Type S was first seen in production last year, and we first received official word that the Integra would be making a comeback. Does Acura have any additional surprises in store beyond this idea? Next week, we'll be certain.