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How to Install an Air Purifier

The amount of potentially dangerous allergens in your house can be greatly reduced with the help of an air purifier. It can assist get rid of volatile organic compounds that are bad for the quality of your indoor air if set up and maintained properly. Since it can move from room to room, a portable air purifier is very practical for providing relief when needed.

Here, we'll go over how to install a typical room air purifier.

Air purifier installation

I read through numerous user manuals from several air purifier manufacturers to gather the fundamental instructions for installing a portable air purifier. I specifically checked at Honeywell, Shark, Levoit, and Crane installation manuals. The simple but crucial actions will guarantee that your air purifier operates at its best.

Step 1: Install the air filter

At least one air filter and occasionally more are included with air purifiers. Before you start, you must take any filters out of their package and insert them in your air purifier according to the instructions. While the filter may already be attached to some models, it must still be removed from its package before use. Before operating your air purifier, make sure the air filter is not still in its packing if it has already been fitted. Reinstall your filter after removing it if it is still in its container.

Step 2: Position it for usage

Most air purifiers need a specific amount of room to operate well, free from walls, furniture, and other items in your room. The exact distances will again depend on the brand and model, so make sure to consult your individual use and care handbook. Levoit requires a minimum distance of 15 inches, whereas Crane demands a minimum distance of 3 feet. Shark advises placing its unit "at least" 3 inches away from walls.

These distances can fluctuate significantly depending on the size of your space and may influence your choice of equipment. Installing your air purifier three feet from the wall, as recommended by the Crane user instructions, can present a troublesome tripping danger if you want to utilize it in a smaller space.

Step 3: Keep the grilles clear

Regardless of the distance the manufacturer advises, you should also ensure sure the grilles are free of any furniture, drapes, or other obstructions that can hinder the air purifier's effectiveness. Never point the purifier at a piece of furniture or a wall; always face it into the room.

Other points to consider

Remember that depending on the specific model you have, these steps may differ significantly. Before you begin, make sure you read the product's user handbook to ensure you are adhering to the recommended usage and maintenance procedures. Check directly with the manufacturer if you have any inquiries.

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