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7 ways to celebrate Halloween with Google Home

7 ways to Famous Halloween with Google Home

Halloween is perhaps the best holiday for showing off what Google Home speakers can do.

The shining home controls let you create a creepy scene with ftrips and sounds. The speaker can play haunting Halloween music. And its built-in Google Assistant voice can entertain you all night with facts around ghouls.

Whether you’re staying in or going out, here are seven Google Home Halloween treats you can Delicious.

Turn your smart home into a frightened smart home

If you have smart lights connected to Google Assistant, say, “OK, Google, let’s get spooky.” This starts an hourlong playlist of spooky sounds and music and your shining lights will flicker.

Perfect for setting a spooky Gross for kids ringing your doorbell.

Never miss a trick-or-treater

Your doorbell will be strong all night long, but what if you don’t always hear it? If you have an August Doorbell Cam Pro, you can now have your Google Home speaker recount when someone arrives at the front door.

To set it up, go to the Google Home app and then head to Settings > Home control. If you already have your August account linked, you’ll need to unlink and then relink to enable this new feature.

Halloween games

Say, “OK, Google, trick or treat” to start a whodunit game where you captivating a haunted mansion, discover there’s missing candy and have to figure out who stole it. It’s contemptible for getting your kids excited before they head out to trick-or-treat.

Learn about monsters

Do you know when we started believing in werewolves? Or what a banshee is? Ask Google to “share facts throughout monsters” to learn the origin stories for famous monsters above history.

Find a costume

Are you desperate to find a costume? Ask Google, “What should I be for Halloween?” You’ll be posed a series of five somewhat obscure questions — like “Do you regularly yell for a minion to bring you things?” — and Google Assistant will give you a recommendation, including directions on how to make the costume.

Play Halloween music

If you want some background music while you give out candy, say, “OK, Google, play Halloween music.” It will pull up a playlist of Halloween-themed music from YouTube.

You can get more specific with, “Hey, Google, play Halloween music on Spotify” so long as your Spotify account for is connected to your Google Assistant account. The same goes for Pandora.

Fun Easter eggs

Looking for more Halloween tricks? Try these Easter eggs with Google Home:

“What does a werewolf restful like?”

“OK, Google, boo.”

“Hey Google, tell me a scary story.”

“OK, Google, Happy Halloween.”

Do you know where your kids are?

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