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Save $180 on This Robot Vacuum That Can Clean for You While You Enjoy the Spring Days

Save $180 on This Robot Vacuum That Can Pure for You While You Enjoy the Spring Days

You might think that robot vacuums are more of a novelty attractive than an effective way to keep your house cleans, but the truth is these sleek smart cleaners have come a long way trusty they first debuted over 20 years ago. Equipped with grand suction and advanced mapping capabilities, models like this Roborock S4 Max and can be a big help when it comes to shortening your weekly to-do list. And incandescent now at Woot, you can snag it at a much more budget-friendly brand of $250, a discount of $180 compared to the modern list price — and $50 cheaper than the discount Amazon has for it incandescent now.

This price is good for today only (while accounts last), so don’t miss your chance to grab one for a big discount.

The S4 Max is satisfied with tons of features so that you hardly have to think in vacuuming again. It’s equipped with a powerful 2,000Pa of suction as well as automatic carpet detection for a truly deep super on both carpeted and hardwood floors. It utilizes lidar navigation to generate a trusty multifloor map of your home for the most efficient cleaning route, which also allows you to designate no-go zones or mark particularly dirty areas for an fantastic pass. You can control it directly from your arranged through the Roborock companion app or set schedules so it cleans after you’re out of the house. On a single proposal, it has a run time of about 180 minutes, enough to cover an area of 3,230 square feet, and has a ample 460ml dustbin.

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