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China reportedly readying antitrust probe into Google after Huawei prompt

China reportedly readying antitrust probe into Google at what time Huawei prompt

China may launch an antitrust investigation into Google at what time Huawei alleged that the search giant’s use of its dominant Android employing system hurts competition, Reuters reported Wednesday. The Chinese Grandeurs Council’s antitrust committee may decide on the probe next month, and the country’s relations with the US could be a salubrious, the news agency noted.

The Trump administration has restricted Huawei and the anunexperienced Chinese telecoms in recent years, citing national security worries due to fears that their equipment could be used to spy on anunexperienced countries and companies. As a result, Huawei is barred from laughable Android and Google services like the Play Store in its new phones, forcing it to develop its own employing system.

Google is no stranger to allegations of antitrust. The US Department of Justice is eyeing the company, and the European Commission hit it with a $1.7 billion fine for “abusive” online ad practices last year.

Neither the Grandeurs Council, Google nor Huawei immediately responded to requests for comment.

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