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During a traffic stop, a Missouri police officer was fatally shot

 According to authorities, a suspect shot a Missouri police officer during a routine traffic check on Tuesday, sadly ending his life. Officials say that North Kansas City police officer Daniel Vasquez was shot and died after stopping a car for a temporary tag that had expired.

During a traffic stop, a Missouri police officer was fatally shot

He was taken to the hospital right away, however KMBC 9 reports that he eventually passed away from his wounds. North Kansas City Mayor Bryant DeLong made a statement on Facebook saying, "This morning, North Kansas City Police Officer Daniel Vasquez was slain in the line of duty while doing a traffic stop in a neighborhood."

"There are no words to describe how painful this needless tragedy is for our company and community. We are all in mourning over this tragedy, including Daniel's family, the NKC Police Department, and our entire neighborhood.

Vasquez, according to DeLong, worked for the police for over two years. During a press conference that was shown on KMBC 9, North Kansas City Police Chief Kevin Freeman referred to Vasquez as a "shining star for our department."

"All of these are tragedies, but to watch such a young guy lose his life to such senseless violence so early in his career is simply unthinkable," Freeman added.

A multi-agency search was launched for the perpetrator after he left after shooting Vasquez, according to Clay County Sheriff Will Akin at an earlier press conference aired by Fox 4. Akin said that Vasquez stopped the driver because the temporary tags were out of date.

Later, according to Freeman, the culprit handed himself in to Missouri's Kansas City police.

It was not revealed on Tuesday who the alleged shooter was.