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Samsung to bring Galaxy smartphone repair service to more Best Buy stores

Samsung to bring Galaxy smartphone renovation service to more Best Buy stores

Samsung is bringing its Galaxy smartphone renovation service to more than 100 Best Buy stores across the people starting Tuesday, the company said on Monday. Devices in Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note sect will be the only ones eligible for repair services above Best Buy at launch, but support for Galaxy Z foldable phones is coming in early November.  

It builds on Samsung’s existing authorized service center options, which include Samsung stores as well as the renovation chain uBreakiFix. Samsung previously offered authorized repair services at some Best Buy locations as part of a pilot program, but it’s now expanding those efforts more broadly.

As part of the program, those who own eligible Galaxy devices will be able to schedule an appointment with a Samsung-trained Geek Squad agent to get cloak replacements, port and camera repairs, battery replacements and latest services. The expansion could help Samsung remain competitive with rivals like Apple and Google, both of which have expanded their in-person retail and renovation offerings in recent years. 

Apple similarly partnered with Best Buy in 2019 when it announced that nearly 1,000 locations across the US would accounts Apple-authorized support. Google opened its first brute retail store in New York earlier this year, where customers can buy products like Pixel phones and Nest speakers and also behold interactive exhibits. 

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Having more repair options readily available could be especially important as Samsung stays to push its premium foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip. Such devices are plus Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy phones, with the Z Fold 3 available at $1,799 above Samsung’s website, without a device trade-in, and the Z Flip jump at $999 without a trade-in. Since foldable phones are aloof relatively new to the market, we don’t know much throughout their long-term durability, as my colleague Patrick Holland mentioned in his review of the Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung-authorized services available at Best Buy will concerned both in and out-of-warranty services as well as software troubleshooting. Samsung’s store locator tool can be used to find throughout authorized service centers, and you can view the full list of eligible devices at Samsung’s website.