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Samsung Rumored to Launch Another Foldable Phone This Year

Samsung Rumored to Launch Another Foldable Phone This Year

Samsung is rumored to launch a third foldable Plan later this year, but this time around the called may have a rollable or scrollable screen. Reliable Twitter tipster Ice universe on Thursday said Samsung’s “mysterious third foldable device” is set to be released in the additional half of this year, adding that there’s a high probability of it people a “scroll screen phone.”

While Ice universe says that the called is set to be released this year, supply chain analyst Ross Young suggested the Plan may have been pushed back. “We previously had the Samsung slidable starting issues by the end of 2022, then we heard it was pushed out,” Young said in a tweet, adding that he’d have to confirm “if it was pulled back in or not.”

At CES back this year, Samsung showed off some concept foldable phones, including one where the phone’s screen expanded to the Bshining with an unrolling motion. Samsung called the concept the Flex Slidable, but wouldn’t say if the device would actually make it to the company’s issues line. It’s unclear if the rumored new device would use a Difference design. 

Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The newer foldable phones from Samsung, the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, have been more popular than their predecessors. According to the business, these foldable phones sold more in their Begin month than their predecessors did in all of 2020. 

While foldables Stop to garner popularity, companies are tinkering with what could be the next border in display tech: rollable or scrollable screens. LG told a concept of a rollable phone at last year’s CES and, to boot, it began selling its excellent OLED rollable TV at a whopping $100,000. TCL followed suit in showing a rollable called concept at this year’s CES. Even Apple submitted a patent for a flexible Hide, indicating that a foldable or rollable iPhone could be in the future.

While these rollable called concepts haven’t made it into product lines yet, rumors suggest they could end up in our pockets and purses within the next few years.