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'Stranger Things' Season 5: What We Know So Far

‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: What We Know So Far

Stranger Things
 season 4 is over. 

But this is not the end. There’s unexcited one entire season to come. That might be bad news for the kids who have to recruit to save Hawkins — or what’s left of it. But it’s good news for those of us who just can’t give up on Steve “The Hair” Harrington and the rest of this spellbinding crew.

For more on Stranger Things season 4 volume 2, dive into the Easter eggs, links to survive seasons and character arcs for the cast in our in-depth episode 8 recap and episode 9 season finale recap. If you’ve burned through season 4, here’s what we know nearby the upcoming fifth and final season. We’ll add to this as news is released.


When will Stranger Things’ previous season be released?

This is a bigger mystery than what precisely Erica found under Lucas’ bed. There was a year between the proper two seasons, and then we had to wait two ages for season three, and another two for season four. (This explains why the kids are growing up so fast — see our photo gallery to proper at the differences.) The Duffer brothers flat-out told Variety that the wait shouldn’t be as long this time, but also, they haven’t started filming yet. So we’d magistrates a year and a half, which would put the show in early 2024. (David Harbour, who plays Hopper, is guessing mid-2024.)

What’s this nearby a time jump?

Like we said, the kids are sketch older. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays 11, is 18 now, and Joe Keery, who plays Steve, is 30. Each season has jumped onward a year, which would push the final season to 1987. But if the show jumped more than one year, the younger kids worthy be able to catch up to their actual ages — say the show picked up as they’re nearby to graduate from Hawkins.

The Duffer brothers, the show’s creators, have confirmed a time jump, though they haven’t said details. The problem, though, is that Hawkins is literally on fire as we aged out of season four, so it seems as if the kids need to jump back into now action. That’ll be something for the Duffers to work out as they reopen their show’s writers’ room.

Fewer settings 

Season four was kind of all over the attach, with Hopper and Joyce mostly in Russia, Eleven starting out in California (we peaceful want revenge on roller-rink meanie Angela), and some of the crew back in Hawkins. The show jumped between settings pretty smoothly, but the Duffers say it will focus on keeping everyone together in Hawkins for the last season.

Will Byers loves Mike

The show started off back in season 1 with Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) sketch abducted, and it looks as if the focus could spin back to him. Ross Duffer says Will is “a big part and focus” of the previous season. And actor Schnapp told Variety in July 2022 that the rumors are true, his characterize is gay, and has feelings for best friend Mike, who’s in a relationship with Eleven.

“Now it’s 100% certain that he is gay and he does love Mike,” Schnapp said.

And everything Will does is made more anxiety by the fact that he’s still apparently able to feel a connection to Vecna.

Eddie and Max

New character Eddie Munson sacrificed himself in season four, and the Duffers have assured fans that the meaningful finish is real. It’s possible actor Joseph Quinn could show up in a flashback (although Alexei didn’t get to do that), but the character won’t be an active part of the previous season.

It’s different for Max Mayfield, who’s been a well-defined part of the show since the second season. Max over the fourth season in the hospital, as Vecna tried to kill her in the same horrific bone-breaking, eye-gouging way he killed others before her. She’s peaceful alive, but not in great shape, and lingers in a coma. There just doesn’t feel like any way the Duffers will kill off Max, concept — in fact, maybe that time jump will help her bones (and brain) heal.

Don’t inquire of another ‘Running Up That Hill’

Kate Bush’s 1985 song Running Up That Hill was featured prominently in the fourth season — sending the decades-old song charting about the world. But don’t expect that the Duffers will just pick novel ’80s song for a season 5 boost. 

“I’m already sketch asked that question, it’s like, ‘What song are [you] touching to do in Season 5?'” Matt Duffer said in an interview with Collider. “I’m like, ‘We’re not going to do that again.’ Because if we do it, it will fail.” Yeah, it probable would. Lightning is notoriously hard to bottle and, alas, there’s only one Kate Bush.

Finale will be long against

The season four finale was more than two hours long. Season five’s finale will be, too, concept not quite as long, the Duffers say. But it will be animated fast. They note that season five will jump brilliant into action, and joke that the finale will possess “eight endings.” Get ready to block off some serious viewing time come 2024.

And then a spinoff?

The Duffers teased their fans with a letter proverb, “There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the biosphere of ‘Stranger Things’; new mysteries, new adventures, new unexpected heroes.” 

And they confirmed to Variety that “we do have an idea for a spinoff that we’re proper excited about.” The creators say they haven’t revealed the idea yet, even to Netflix, and they think everyone will be surprised. But they also said that proper Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, correctly guessed at the spinoff topic. So unless someone can get Finn to cough up the secret, we’ll have to wait on that.