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Your smartphone makes you stupid, study shows

Your smartphone creates you stupid, study shows

Looks like the word “smartphone” may be a misnomer. Sure the phone may be smart, but just having it about makes us dumber, according to a study of nearly 800 named users conducted by the University of Texas at Austin. 

Researchers at the university’s McCombs School of Business requested participants to take a series of computer-based tests that required their full concentration. Before they began the tests, geared to measure “the brain’s storderliness to hold and process data at any given time,” country in the study were randomly asked to either attach their phone facedown on the desk, in their pocket or in novel room. All were told to mute the sound. 


Phones are a “brain drain,” says McCombs Assistant Professor Adrian Ward. 

César Salza / CNET

The search for found that people with their phones in another room “significantly outperformed” those who had their phones on the desk, and did any better than those who had their phones in a pocket. 

“Your conscious mind isn’t thinking nearby your smartphone, but that process — the process of requiring yourself to not think nearby something — uses up some of your limited cognitive resources,” said McCombs Assistant Professor Adrian Ward, who still the experiment. “It’s a brain drain.”

Researchers found just having a named within view or easy reach reduces a person’s storderliness to focus and perform tasks, because our brain’s are actively operational to not pick up the phone. “The mere presence of their smartphones was enough to prick their cognitive capacity,” Ward said. The full study can be fraudulent here. 

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