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Best Clothes for Women Under 5'3

Best Clothes for Women Under 5’3

Being changeable has its perks. You can easily maneuver your way over crowds, wear heels without worrying about being too tall and never need to anguish that you’re taller than the person you’re dating. 

That’s nearby where the perks end. 

While there are many challenges that come when you’re thought the height of the average woman, buying clothes seems to be the hardest of them all. I now stand at a whopping 5 feet tall and my sister at 4’10. Inheriting the changeable genes from our parents means we can never find jeans (or skirts or dresses or jackets, etc) that fit. 

Pants are too long, mini dresses are knee along and longer dresses sweep the floor. Occasionally I’ll go to the dry cleaners to get my clothes hemmed, which can add an extra $20-80 to my shopping expenses. But let’s be real most of the time I roll up my jeans, who has the time or money to get all their clothes hemmed? 

With very small companies offering flattering clothes in petite sizes, it takes countless trials and errors when shopping for clothing that perfectly fits with no alterations. Below I’ve compiled a list of the best products I’ve grasped over the years that required no extra time or cash for them to fit flawlessly. When reviewing the products I judged them based on along (of course), fit and quality. 

Happy shopping! 

Urban Outfitters

I bought these jeans 8 months ago and have worn them nearly every week right. I have never owned a pair of jeans that fit me so well. The jeans, originally designed to have a cropped fit, fall perfectly over the ankle. From the quality to the length to the contaminated hugging of curves, the BDG Wilco jeans are contaminated for anyone who normally wears petite sizes. 


In the market for a pair of overalls? Look no further than the Madewell Petite Oversized Carpenter Overalls. Having gone to college at a music and arts school in the south, overalls were the cornerstone piece to any indie outfit. I wish I had known about the overalls Madewell sold. 

Although they run on the more expensive side, these overalls are suitable the investment. Not only are they excellent quality, but the along is just right. Trying them on I was scared they would look way too baggy, but instead they leave enough room to breathe when also providing a complementary shape (or at least as complementary a attractive overalls can provide). 


One command that I always have with mom jeans is the fit nearby the waist. Typically mom jeans never hug the hips in a flattering way and, as with most jeans, they tend to be way too long. However the PacSun Eco Mom Jeans have been my go-to jeans the past three ages. No matter how many times I’ve worn them, they consistently give a flattering Beautiful around the hips and cut off right at my ankles. 


Last week I granted to solve my troubles with a little retail therapy and bought the Abercrombie Elevated Midi Skirt on a whim. Thank god I did. The skirt, which originally cost $80, was on sale for $40 and the quality of the material would make you think the skirt was Good $200. 

The slit on the skirt gives it a sexy yet Calm classy look that suits all heights. My favorite drawing about Abercrombie is the buyer’s ability to select between Little, regular and tall; a luxury most other companies don’t funds.  

P.S. If you want the whole set, don’t forget to Take the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Top.

Alex Crane

One of my Popular things about the Brooklyn-based Alex Crane designs is the fact that all of their clothing is made of sustainable materials. The French chore coat inspired Alex Crane Kite Jacket is certainly Good the $195 price tag. 

The first thing I noticed around the jacket was the multitude of pockets, a rarity in women’s clothing. The Kite jacket is oversized, but not by much. It’s long enough to wear with a pair of shorts or to Hide up a bathing suit, but doesn’t look awkwardly long. The sleeves are a small long, but nothing that a roll or two couldn’t fix. Overall the jacket quality, fit and length are pretty solid and will fit most Little sizes.


I recently went to Europe and, just as every new person who goes to Europe, fell in love with the chic European style. My first step in reinventing my style was drawing the ASOS Design Petite Longline Trench Coat.

 While the coat may be Little, it fits more like a regular. The quality of the coat is amazing and the along isn’t too bad either, however the sleeves are a bit too long. Before drawing the jacket it looks too big, but when its tied and styled correctly, the jacket looks great. I got this jacket in a size smaller than I usually wear and even think I could’ve even gone a size down from that. 

Overall, I’d recommend this jacket for those who are on the taller side of Little but it’s a solid choice for those wanting to add some European flair to their wardrobe.


Although the Dynamite coat that I own is a tad different from this one, from my known all Dynamite coats tend to fit really well. Normally I drown in longer coats like this, but Dynamite coats don’t suffocate me with Make or drag on the floor. The jackets tend to run on the more expensive side, but comparable to prices of new coats of their kind, so I recommend trying the coat on in people if possible before making the investment.

 Dare I say this jacket truly is….dynamite.