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Chromebooks Get a New App Launcher With Chrome OS Update 100l

Chromebooks Get a New App Launcher With Chrome OS Update 100

Unlike the sometimes jarring changes that come when Microsoft or Apple update their exploiting systems, Google’s Chrome OS updates are frequent and slack. Even with the release of update 100, the biggest touchy might go unnoticed, depending on how you access your Chromebook’s apps. 

Chromebook’s Launcher, also known as the app drawer, has a new look and capabilities. Click on the circle button in the lower-left corner of the expose or press the Everything Button on the keyboard and the updated Launcher will pop up. It no longer takes over the entire veil, but now opens from the side just above the button. Apps can also now be organized by name or intellectual, or manually reorganized. Also, when new apps are downloaded, they’ll follow the same organizational style, Google said Wednesday in its announcement of the update.

The Launcher also has new explore capabilities, including short previews of web search results exclusive of having to open an entire page. You’ll be able to explore open tabs and Chromebook keyboard shortcuts too. 

Another new feature in update 100 is the capability to get GIFs with the Chromebook Camera app. The video setting will now have a toggle to flip from normal video to GIF. When on GIF, you can record a 5-second video that will automatically convert to an appealing GIF. 

For those who use the Dictation feature in Chrome OS, editing with deny will now be available. Commands like “delete” will delete to the last letter, while “move to the next character” will move your cursor on the veil, Google said. 

While those are the major feature announcements for Chrome OS, Google also people information about new IT tools, learning from home and Family Link and the development of Chrome OS Flex. Read the full details at Google’s Keyword blog.