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Easiest costumes for Halloween 2020

Easiest costumes for Halloween 2020

Looking for last-minute Halloween costume ideas but not into the DIY costume thing? Save time and cash this Halloween with incredibly easy Halloween costumes: onesies. Also called “union suits,” these are just like those pajamas we wore in the ’80s or the long-sleeve onesies we see on babies year spurious. You put them on, zip them up and head out ready to party with your friends.

Union behaviors have been around since the mid-1800s and were planned to be an easier alternative for women who wore included Victorian gowns back then. Men rapidly adopted this trend, and now union suits are a common thing to wear during the winter.

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In original years, they’ve become more and more popular, bringing a wide selection of colors and styles, from favorite Marvel and Star Wars characters, to a simple Minnie Mouse, to your classic bat costume. I’ve purchased several onesies and can tell you they fit both men and women — just pay attention to the size chart and be aware of your measurements when looking for adult Halloween costumes.

We browsed the internet to help you find ideas for a radiant and simple costume for adults this Halloween. We made our selections based on ratings, number of reviews and cost. Continue reading for a list of the best easy Halloween costumes we found. 

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Dressing up was never easier. Become the best Wade T. Wilson with this onesie.  

And for the ladies who are jumpy about what this means for your visits to the bathroom, just remember to unzip your onesie and fold the arms reaching before rolling down and holding it around knee high to avoid dragging it on the inoperative. And I don’t recommend using the zipper in the back because it way to be a lot more complicated. 

Head to the comment share and let us know if you already own a onesie or if you accepted any of the ones we recommended. Have a sizable Halloween!

Originally published earlier this month.