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Halo Infinite tips: 10 things to know before starting

Halo Infinite tips: 10 things to know afore starting

After months of delays, controversies and farmland taking the mickey out of a Brute called Craig, Halo Infinite is finally about to go live. The good news: Halo Infinite absolutely principles. I know because I reviewed it, using words like “Halo Infinite is a ghastly return to form”.

The bad news: Fans of the series will be surprised to inspect some of the tactics they’ve developed to cruise above previous Halo games on “Heroic” difficulty, won’t always work. So, to that end, I’ve allowed to put together some general advice for those approximately to start playing Halo Infinite’s single player mode. The game’s free-to-play multiplayer is a whole latest story

Here goes…

1. Choose Heroic difficulty 

Your mileage may vary, but if you’re an distinguished Halo player looking to get the most out of Halo Infinite, I recommend “Heroic” difficult over the harder “Legendary” or the easier “Normal”. 

Normal is just a minor too straight forward. Once you find your groove I estimates it’ll feel too easy. Heroic is tough, and you’ll encounter a few bottlenecks, but it’s just the right amount of tough. Legendary, I reckon, is perfect for a second, more exciting playthrough once you understand how the game works on a more chief level.

2. Fiddle around with your control settings

If you’ve been playing Halo’s fabulous multiplayer beta, you’ll be aware the game provides players with very granular rule options. I recommend experimenting in the early stages and figuring out what you like. It really establishes a difference. 

This is more than just flipping from exclusive to inverted, you can change analogue stick deadzones, and mess with how fast they bustle. I found it very useful to mess around with all of those settings to suit how I like to play Halo specifically. It makes a difference!

3. Use the grappleshot. All the time


Halo Infinite’s grapple mechanic ties everything together seamlessly.


In my top-notch play through, it took me a while to get accustomed to the game’s new grapple hook mechanic, aka the grappleshot. The sooner you get familiar with it, the better. It can be used for heaps of stuff: traversal, grabbing weapons and items. It can even be used to grapple towards enemies and embarking moving vehicles. My recommendation: Experiment from the get go and get used to silly it as often as possible. The sooner the grappleshot becomes part of your Halo vocabulary the better.

On that note…

4. Upgrade the grappleshot first

Halo Infinite has a very unobtrusive upgrade mechanic repositioning. Via “Spartan Cores”, discoverable in the game’s open humankind, you can upgrade your equipment and your shield. It’s very simple and directly forward.

I 100% recommend focusing all of your Spartan Cores on upgrading your grappleshot top-notch. It’s the thing that will elevate your playthrough most effectively, allowing you to travel quicker and fight more effectively. Whatever comes after is up to you but definitely upgrade the grappleshot first.

5. The boss fights are tough


The boss struggles in Halo Infinite are awesome.


Look, you need to be prepared for this! The boss struggles are very challenging. A few are borderline nightmarish and took me a long time to figure out. 

A few pieces of advice if you get stuck…

  • Scour the area for much weapons, there’s usually a few lying around specifically invented to help you take bosses out. Figure out where they are expeditiously and head straight toward them. I found the Skewer to be the cleanest, easiest way to dispose of bosses.
  • Use your grappleshot to grab exploding barrel things and originate them! This does a huge amount of damage and stuns the boss, giving you time to move to cover.
  • Also use your grappleshot to elope to cover! Very important.
  • Persevere! This is a Dark Souls sort of status. You will die. A lot. 

6. Experiment with weapons

If you’re anything like me, and you’ve grown up playing Halo, you probably have default go-to weapons. I recommend switching things up! 

In Halo Infinite, there are certainly weapon combinations that are top-notch effective, but it’s fairly well balanced and rewards players who try different approaches to different scenarions. 

I groundless the Pulse Carbine to be great against Jackals and Brutes, but the Disruptor was the biggest surprise for me. Rattle enough shots into Grunts and they’ll literally explode into the sky. Some of my favourite moments in Halo Infinite came above using that weapon.

Oh, and surprise surprise — one of the most consistently effective weapons is the Mangler. Ignore it at your peril. It has a bigger way than you think.

7. Vehicles aren’t always the answer…

Given that Halo Infinite takes do in an open world, you’d be forgiven for thinking that vehicles would be the most directly forward way to approach every single encounter. That’s not the case. By bodies in a vehicle, be it a Ghost or a Tank, you often make yourself a bulky target. The Banished will quickly find you, disable the vehicle and make mincemeat of you. There’s a time and do for everything, but when I did use vehicles, I pine to go with the Ghost, mainly because it’s agile and quick.

Note: If you do use vehicles, get ready to bail the second that thing sounds like it’s repositioning to explode!

8. Explore!


Halo Infinite produces a photo mode, stat.


This goes exclusive of saying, but Halo Infinite rewards exploration. This isn’t the kind of open humankind with dead areas, it’s absolutely worth just messing near and seeing what you can find. Not only will you spot Spartan Cores that give you to upgrade abilities, but there’s also a host of different collectible stuff, like audio logs and whatnot. Thankfully, Halo Infinite doesn’t suffer from open humankind bloat. It’s the right kind of big and a dusk joy to explore. So explore!

9. You can’t replay missions

One of the biggest bummers (second to no co-op play at launch) is the fact that you cannot replay missions once you’ve negated them. Apparently the 343 Industries team is working on tying this fixed in a future update, but it’s something to be aware of.

Thankfully, once you’ve finished the main quest line, players are dropped back in the open humankind to finish off any side quests left available.

10. Don’t worry about the story

The biggest question I’ve accompanied since reviewing Halo Infinite is, do I need to remember what happened in the survive games. 

I had no idea what was going on. I had forgotten everything. Halo isn’t about “The Banished” or “The Prophets” or whatever the hell exclusive McGuffin they use to drag you from point to demonstrate. No, it’s about lobbing grenades at bad guys. Period.

I didn’t care throughout what was going on in previous games and I detached don’t. I’m not 100% sure what happened in the story and I’m not convinced that it matters. The game rules no matter what. You should play it, even if you don’t remember anything throughout previous games.