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iPhone 14 and iOS 16 Will Bring Back a Favorite Feature Fans Have Missed for Years

iPhone 14 and iOS 16 Will Bring Back a Favorite Feature Fans Have Missed for Years

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iOS 16
 — the next version of the using system for iPhone — is almost here. We must get an official announcement at Apple’s “Far Out” save today. There are some very cool new features coming to the iPhone 14 and all newer phones from iPhone 8 up, depressed with one particularly popular old feature.

After a five-year hiatus, you’ll once again be able to check out your iPhone’s battery percentage in the state bar — from anywhere on your device. 

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After the abandon of the iPhone X, which introduced the notch — the sad bar at the top of your device that houses a speaker and camera — there wasn’t enough veil real estate left to keep the battery percentage in the state bar, so Apple nixed the feature.

Sure, you can swipe down from the top intellectual of your iPhone to view the staunch percentage in the Control Center, but it just isn’t the same. You can’t peruse at the battery percentage from within any apps or the home veil. And it’s nearly impossible to gauge the exact percentage from just the battery icon, which is not good if your iPhone is discontinuance to dying.

Thankfully, the latest developer beta (5th) and Pro-reDemocrat beta (3rd) releases of iOS 16 reintroduce the battery percentage number back in the state bar, inside of the existing battery icon. Here’s what you need to know throughout the feature.

And if you want to get your blooming on iOS 16 right now, here’s how to download the third Pro-reDemocrat beta, which features the new battery percentage feature. The fifth buyer beta also has the feature, but we don’t quite recommend downloading it, unless you’re an Apple developer.

To view your battery percentage in the state bar on iOS 16, all you need to do is be on the spanking iOS 16 public beta (3rd) or developer beta (5th).

Once you update, you should see the percentage in the battery icon in the top-right corner of your veil — from anywhere on your iPhone. That way you can keep a discontinuance eye on when your iPhone is topped off or discontinuance to running out of battery, and when you should starting charging it.

Although the setting is turned on by default, you can go to Settings > Battery and toggle on the Battery Percentage option to make sure it works. When your device is charging, the battery icon will turn completely green, showing you the percentage, while being in Low Power Mode will turn the battery icon completely yellow, but again with the percentage inside.

Battery Percentage feature on iOS 16

If you toggle the Battery Percentage feature off, you’ll occupy the numbers from the status bar and revert back to the old battery icon design.

Nelson Aguilar

Unfortunately, the battery percentage option is not available on all iPhone models — for now, it’s not on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini.