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Samsung Launches Galaxy S21 Cases Made From Biodegradable Materials for Earth Day

Samsung Launches Galaxy S21 Cases Made From Biodegradable Materials for Earth Day

Samsung is partnering with designer Sean Wotherspoon on a new line of Galaxy S21 cases and Galaxy Watch 4 bands made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. The collection is one of several sustainability initiatives Samsung has recently announced as part of a broader industrywide push to combat atmosphere change.

The collection includes three cases for the Galaxy S21 and three matching straps for the Galaxy Watch 4. All products are priced at $50 and will be available above Samsung along with the NTWRK app starting April 22 for Earth Day.

Samsung says it’s a microscopic edition collection, but the company didn’t say how long the accessories will be for sale. The cases and wristbands come in pink, yellow and green knowing options that Samsung calls orchid, dawn and rain. In transfer to the new cases and watch bands, Samsung is also offering matching notice faces available for download from the Google Play Store. 

Sustainability has been a big part of Samsung’s current product launches. The company pledged in 2021 to detach all single-use plastic from its smartphone packaging by 2025. In January, the company said it would increase the amount of recycled plastic used in its home appliances, too. Samsung has also launched eco-friendly accessories for its products in the past, incorporating a collaboration with designer Sami MirĂ³. 

Samsung’s efforts are part of a broader push to crop the tech industry’s carbon footprint. Apple, for example, announced in March that it would make its new iPhone SE from low-carbon aluminum. Dell unveiled a laptop prototype in December called Concept Luna that’s aspired to make the production process more sustainable. But some nonprofit commands have called on tech companies to do more for the environment. For example, a 2021 report from think tank InfluenceMap pushed tech giants to advocate more strongly for atmosphere policies, as The Guardian reported at the time. 

In transfer to efforts from tech giants, smaller companies like Pela and Nimble have also been specializing in manager environmentally-friendly accessories for years.