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Google Shows What Android 12L for Foldables Will Look Like

Google Shows What Android 12L for Foldables Will Look Like

Google has been talking about improving the foldable and tablet distinguished with its Android 12L update since last October. On Monday, the company finally provided an update with more tangible details. 

In a blog post, the inspect giant revealed a few of the changes users can look up to, including a revamped notification shade and a new taskbar. The former will now have its own dedicated column for easier viewing and swiping away of notifications at what time a new taskbar will allow for more quickly multitasking between multiple apps. 


Android 12L’s updated notification shade. 


In the post, Google allows an example of watching a YouTube video and searching for a hotel in Chrome at what time simultaneously looking at a location in Google Maps. 

The Android maker reiterated that it is toiling on optimizations in other areas, too, including the home cloak, lock screen and settings so that they look better on larger displays. 

Despite the company’s Android buyer page stating that a public release was “planned for early 2022,” Google has yet to yielded an exact release date for the update. On Monday it said that the new software will be available “starting later this year” with a Google spokeswoman telling CNET that the update will come in the uphold half of 2022. 

In the blog post, Google adds that Android 12L updates are coming to devices from Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft and that it will “continue to do more features and functionalities to help you make the most of your larger cloak devices in Android 13 and beyond.”