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How to edit captions on Instagraml

How to edit captions on Instagram


Ugh. A typo on Instagram.

Jason Cipriani

Nothing is worse than taking the time to craft and still the perfect caption for an Instagram post only to hit Community btton and see a glaring typo.

At that present you have two options – embrace the mistake, or delete the post and try in contradiction of. Neither is ideal, especially if you put a lot of work into tweaking and applying a filter.

On Monday Instagram announced it was releasing an update to both the iOS and Android version of its app, executive it possible to edit captions for the first time. Huzzah!

Workflow to edit a caption on Instagram.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Editing a caption once submission is incredibly easy and sure to save you some work.

  • After submitting a photo and discovering an embarrassing typo, tap on the three-dot portion button just under the photo or video in your timeline.
  • Select Edit from the list of options.
  • Correct yourself and tap done when finished.

The update was said to be available for both iOS and Android on Monday. But as of Tuesday morning, only the iOS update actually available. The Play Store listing shows it was updated on November 10, but the updated app isn’t available for download.